Undergraduate Scholarships

There are many scholarships available to undergraduate civil engineering students. These scholarships vary in funding amounts, range from one to four years, and all current and prospective students are highly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Since the application for many of the undergraduate scholarships is administered at the school level, the best way for students to investigate these opportunities is to review the information provided by the School of Engineering at the link below and to contact Dr. Norma Sorenson. Dr. Sorenson's primary responsibility is to help students explore these opportunities, and Dr. Sorenson very much encourages students to make an appointment to discuss these opportunities in person.

Part-time Research and Work Opportunities

In addition to teaching courses and the many other scholastic and service activities, all civil engineering faculty conduct their own rigorous research programs. Most research projects involve undergraduate and/or graduate students to help conduct the research and maintain laboratories, therefore, the faculty are continuously looking for talented and energetic students to help with their projects. The availability of funding and the responsibilities of the students vary greatly, but students find these activities rewarding and educational. Any student interested in participating in research projects, particularly students who may be interested in continuing their education beyond the BSCE degree, are strongly encouraged to inquire about such opportunities.

Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships

Graduate fellowships are essentially scholarships provided to graduate students so that they can complete the coursework required for their graduate degree and conduct research under the guidance of a professor. The funding for fellowships typically includes tuition, books, and a stipend that will cover cost-of-living expenses. Graduate fellowships are always excellent opportunities, however, they are not plentiful and always competitive. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering makes some graduate fellowships available and prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact the department and inquire about opportunities. Also, there are many federal and industry sponsored fellowships that are administered independently of the University. These opportunities often offer a very high level of support, and civil engineering faculty are always willing to help prospective graduate students put together an application package.

Similar to fellowships, graduate assistantships provide a monthly stipend intended to support graduate students through their coursework and research. The primary difference is that the funding for assistantships comes from research grants or contracts and therefore typically entails specific research responsibilities. Also, the awarding of an assistantship is primarily at the discretion of the professor in charge of the research in which the student would be involved. The responsibilities and funding for assistantships vary. There are many research assistantships available through the department and prospective graduate students are strongly encouraged to inquire about availability.

Several graduate research assistantships are currently available for the 2002 and 2003 academic years. These assistantships provide stipends of $12,000 to $18,000 annually. Some also provide for full tuition. Please contact the departmental office for application requirements.

Finally, one of the best ways for students who are considering graduate studies in civil engineering at UAB to explore fellowship and assistantship opportunities is to directly contact the professor(s) who are teaching and working in areas of the student's interest.

Bridge to Doctorate Program