Blazer BEST is...

         A simulation of real world business and engineering environment.
·         An opportunity for students to learn Engineering, Technology, and Team concepts.
·         A fun and exciting competition to intrigue students into STEM pursuits.
·         An opportunity for adults to share enthusiasm and knowledge of their chosen career.

BEST is not…

·         A competition for coaches and mentors.
·         A “win at all costs” program.
·         Focused on fundraising.

The team goals are…

To construct a robust machine that is simple, reliable, flexible, and strategic.

·         Design and implement an effective marketing plan.
·         Learn from the six-week development process…not just compete on game day.
·         Exercise for good sportsmanship.

Useful mentor skills include:


·         Mathematics
·         Engineering (any discipline)
·         Practical mechanical/electrical skills
·         RC hobby and “techie” skills
·         Tool safety
·         Web authoring
·         Technical and creative writing
·         Organizational and publicity skills
·         Artistic/ graphic arts
·         Public speaking
·         Spirit leading

A mentor should:

Set an example (be on-time, ready to work, know when to play and when to work).

·         Provide an understanding of the engineering process.
·         Explain the importance of schedules and budgets.
·         Describe the organizational process.
·         Provide technical guidance.
·         Ensure that students consider all phases of the contest.
·         Explain brainstorming techniques.
·         Discuss methods for evaluating design concepts.
·         Describe prototyping methods.
·         Relay any rules questions to the hub’s technical coordinator.
·         Distribute answers to all questions.
·         Ensure all rules are followed.
·         Assess skill levels of students and utilize accordingly.
·         Demonstrate sponsor appreciation.
·         Resist temptation to improve students’ designs and executions.



BEST encourages 3-6 mentors per team so that the work load per mentor is lessened. ***Please note that this time frame is on the high side, and each school will differ with the amount of time they spend per week; however, schools that have been successful spend this much time, and more!

Period Activity                                                                                          Time

Week 1: Kickoff Meeting and Brainstorming                                            2-3 days, 3 hrs/day
Week 2: Brainstorming and Prototyping                                                  2-3 days, 3 hrs/day
Week 3: Prototyping and Start Maching Build                                          3-4 days, 3 hrs/day
Week 4: Machine Build and Mall Day                                                      3-4 days, 3 hrs/day
Week 5: Maching Build                                                                         3-4 days, 3 hrs/day
Week 6: Refinement and Driving Practice                                               3-4 days, 3-4 hrs/day
Week 5: Game Day                                                                              8:00 am-6:00pm