Eberhardt, Alan W., Ph.D.



Associate Dean, School of Engineering; Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Hoehn Engineering Building
1075 13th Street South
Birmingham AL 35294-4440

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(205) 934-8464

(205) 934-8437 (fax)

Other information

Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, Northwestern University, 1990 M.S. - Civil Engineering, University of Delaware, 1987 B.S. - Civil Engineering, University of Delaware, 1985

EGR 301 Engineering Honors Seminar
BME 498 Product Development
BME 499 Senior Design
BME 417/517 Engineering Analysis
BME 471/571 Continuum Mechanics
BME 676/776 Fracture Mechanics

Dr. Eberhardt's major interests lie in two areas: orthopedic biomechanics and injury biomechanics. He has a history of study related to total joint replacements involving biomechanics and biomaterials, including surface treatments, implant tribology, implant design, and forensic analysis. His experience with the study of biomechanical response of the pelvis in automotive side impacts and in the presence of metastatic bone lesions includes both experimental and computational (finite element) biomechanics. He also serves as PI on NIH and NSF funded grants aimed at facilitating undergraduate designs of biomedical devices, including those to aid persons with disabilities.



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Current as Principal Investigator

  1. "Enhanced Senior Design through Clinical and Industrial Immersion and Entrepreneurship. National Institutes of Health", 1R25HD078327-01A1, PI, $108,000, 04/01/13- 3/31/18.
  2. “Engineering Senior Design Projects for the Disabled: A Business-Engineering Alliance,” National Science Foundation, PI, $125,000, 6/15/13-6/14/18.
  3. "Biomechanical Characterization of SI Joint Motion Following Implantation of Sacral Fusion Plugs," Nutech Medical UAB Link 501404, PI, $78,570, 01/01/13 – 06/30/15

 Current as Investigator

  1. "Bioengineering Research Partnership", National Institutes of Health, Y. Vohra (PI), co-investigator, $1,292,919, 10/01/10 – 3/15/13.
  2. "Interactive Exercise Technologies and Exercise Physiology for people with disabilities," United States Department of Education, J. Rimmer (PI), $4,750,000, 10/1/2012 - 09/30/2017.


Professional Service

Scientific Proposal Review
Veterans Administration Rehabilitation Research and Development Service
National Science Foundation, Bioengineering, GARDE Program

Ad-hoc journal article reviewer
Journal of Biomechanics
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
Annals of Biomedical Engineering
Journal of Biomaterials Research: Part B – Appl. Biomaterials
Medical Engineering and Physics


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