Electrical & Computer Engineering


Wallace R. Bunn Professor and Chair
Business Engineering Complex
BEC 256
1150 10th Avenue South

Birmingham, AL
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Miscellaneous Information

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Ph.D., Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1978

M.CS, Computer Science, Texas A&M University, 1974

B.S., Math/Electrical Engineering, METU – Turkey, 1971 TEACHING EE 341 – Electromagnetics

EE 621/721 – Random Variables

EE 625/725 – Information Theory and Coding

EE 640/740 – Object Oriented Design

EE 650/750 – Software Engineering

EE 651/751 – Software Engineering Large Systems-I

EE 652/752 – Software Engineering Large Systems-II

EE 657– Enterprise Information Architecture Engineering RESEARCH Mathematical foundations of Quantum Electronics; Information theoretical foundations for software;

Applications of the above fundamentals to engineering, medical, and biological problems. RECENT PUBLICATIONS (2008-2011) Fan Xiong and Murat. M. Tanik, "An experiment on evolutionary circuit design using information theory,” in Proc. IEEE Southeastcon 2011, Nashville, TN. March 2011, pp. 379-383.

Varadraj Gurupur and Murat. M. Tanik, A System for Building Clinical Research Applications using Semantic Web-Based Approach, Journal of Medical Systems, DOI: 10.1007/s10916-010-9445-8, DIO: 2010.

Varadraj P. Gurupur, Amit S. Kamdi, Tolga Tuncer, Murat. M. Tanik, and Murat N. Tanju, “Enhancing Medical Research Efficiency Using Concept Maps,” in Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems, Editor: Hamid R. Arabnia, Springer, 2010.
Rajani S Sadasivam , Gayathri Sundar , Laura K Vaughan , Murat. M. Tanik, and Donna K Arnett , Genetic region characterization (Gene RECQuest) - software to assist in identification and selection of candidate genes from genomic regions, BMC Research Notes, 2:201doi:10.1186/1756-0500-2-201; 2009.

R.S. Sadasivam and Murat. M. Tanik, “Composite process-personalization with service-oriented architecture” in Handbook of Research In Mobile Business: Technical, Methodological And Social Perspectives, B. Unhelkar, Eds. IGI Global 2008. RESEARCH FUNDING (2008-2011) ”Haplotype Analysis in Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping,” NIH/NIGMS, Co-PI, 07/01/06 - 06/30/11

”Genome Wide Haplotype Association Analysis,” NIH/NIGMS, Co-PI, 04/01/08-03/31/13 SERVICE Professional Service SDPS executive board member (1994-Present)

Society for Design and Process Science (SDPS), President, 1999-2002

Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science (area editor, 1994-present) Community Service Birmingham International Center – Turkish American Community Collaboration