Mandatory Advising for Engineering Majors: To assure that students are achieving reasonable academic progress towards graduation, the School of Engineering provides academic advice and planning prior to registration each term a student enrolls usually through a meeting with an assigned engineering advisor. At the time of advising, students receive a registration access code (RAC) which will allow them to register for courses the following semester.

Academic Advisor Assignment:


Pre-Engineering students in all disciplines are advised by Dr. Zoe Dwyer in the School of Engineering’s Office of Academic Programs (OAP). Upon admission to Biomedical, Civil, Electrical, Materials or Mechanical Engineering, students are advised by engineering faculty within their major.


The Undergraduate Advising Coordinators for undergraduate programs in engineering are as follows:


Pre-Engineering (all disciplines): Dr. Zoe Dwyer

Biomedical Engineering: Dr. Dale Feldman

Civil Engineering: Mr. Andrew Sullivan

Electrical Engineering: Dr. Gregg Vaughn, Professor David Green

Materials Engineering: Dr. Barry Andrews, Dr. Gregg Janowski

Mechanical Engineering: Dr. Sally Anne McInerny, Dr. Tina Oliver


To Schedule an Appointment


Pre-engineering students and prospective students can schedule and appointment with Dr. Dwyer by calling 205.934.8410.