General Information
Chi Epsilon (χε) is the national civil engineering honor society in the United States. It honors engineering students who have exemplified the principles of scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability in the civil engineering profession. There are currently 130 chapters and UAB’s Chapter is number 127. According to the Constitution and Bylaws of Chi Epsilon, the organization is dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of civil engineering as an ideal profession. Its objective and purpose is to uphold competence, sound engineering, good moral judgment, and a commitment to society in order to improve the civil engineering profession. 

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Talat Salama

Phone: (205) 934-8462; Email:

Student Officers
President: Candace Watson                   Vice President: Sally Palmer

Treasurer: Joshua Phillips             Secretary: Martez Nalls

Editor: Allison Cheatwood             Marshal: Austin Dada

Membership Criteria
To qualify for membership, Undergraduate (Junior and Senior) students at the CCEE Department need to be in the top one-third ranking of their class, and Graduate students must show outstanding ability and to be nominated by two faculty members. Chi Epsilon currently requires a one-time membership for-life initiation fee of $85. Please contact the faculty advisor or president to find out how to join.

Initiation Ceremony
To become a member of the UAB Chapter of Chi Epsilon, you must be inducted through the initiation ceremony, as all Chi Epsilon members have done. The initiation ceremony is held once every academic year. It includes a reception where initiates are encouraged to invite two guests, at no extra charge, to join us in our celebration of the students’ achievements.


Web Link
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