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Getting Started

Welcome to the IEM Class of 2016! We are looking forward to getting started… expect this to be a life changing experience! We are so glad you are an IEM Client! Congratulations! This is the Getting Started page. Everything you need to do before classes begin, as well as meeting dates, and important information is posted here. We e-mail this information to new clients, but if you lose those emails, or want an easy way to check back on details, we post it here so everything is in one place.

We recommend you Bookmark This Page since it is not a public page on our website.

If you have changed your plans in any way and do not plan to participate in IEM for Fall 2014, please let us know ASAP. If you let us know before the seminar starts in August, we can probably defer your admission to the 2015 Spring or Fall semester. If not, you will likely have to go through the entire admission process again.  

You are responsible for the information on this page.  
We expect you to find us, and ask us, if you need help. That's why we're here!
Call us at 205-934-8480 or e-mail us at iem@uab.edu

IEM 2014 Admissions Checklist

Once you have been admitted to UAB, here are some things you will need to do prior to IEM classes beginning in August.  E-mails are listed below this checklist (select the date to view each e-mail in its entirety).


Complete By



Create a BlazerID (see 6/12/14 e-mail for additional info)

Forward your UAB e-mail account to another e-mail address (optional) (see 6/12/14 e-mail)


If you are on any kind of International Visa, contact ISSS (see 6/12/14 e-mail)

Familiarize yourself with Canvas (see 6/12/14 e-mail)

Join IEM social media groups on LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter - Create a LinkedIn Profile and connect to IEM Faculty/Staff and your classmates (see 6/12/14 e-mail)

July 31

Submit Seminar Assignment #2 – Video due (see 7 /10/14 email)

August 1

IEM 601 should open in Canvas

August 1

Submit Seminar Assignment #3 - Survey (see 7/25/14 e-mail)

August 11

Submit Seminar Assignment #4 in Canvas – Questions for seminar speakers/panelists (see 8/4/14 email)

ASAP/No later than August 14

Register for classes as soon as you receive RAC code from IEM

August 14

Complete Seminar Assignment #1 and be ready to discuss in class on August 14 (see 6/27/14 email)

August 14

Tuition payment deadline – 50% of balance due

August 14-16

IEM Seminar (IEM 601)

August 15-September 2

If you haven’t registered for classes or need to re-register because you were dropped from classes, you will have to pay a $75 late registration fee

September 2

Last day to drop/add (without paying full tuition and fees)

Sept 12-13

First IEM Class Weekend (IEM 610 and IEM 620)

October 6

Account balance due

Important e-mails from IEM:

  • E-mail #1 - 6/12/14

    · Meet the IEM Program Manager

    · BlazerID and UAB E-mail

    · International Status

    · Registration/Books

    · Google Groups and SM

    · IEM Seminar

  • E-mail #2 - 6/27/14

    · Fall 2014 Class Dates

    · Canvas

    · IEM 601 Seminar Assignment #1

  • E-mail #3 – 7/10/14

    ·       Registering for IEM Classes

    ·       Books/Software

    ·       Full-time vs. Part-time Status

    ·       IEM 601 Seminar Dates/Times

    ·       IEM 601 Seminar Assignment #2

    ·       Meet the IEM Director – Dr. Dale Callahan, PE and the IEM Director of Strategic Planning – Don Appleby

E-mail #4 – 7/25/14

·       Fall Registration

·       Seminar Assignment #3

·       Seminar Assignment Reminders

·       Seminar Presentations

·       IEM Seminar Daily Theme

·       IEM Seminar After Hours

·       Parking at UAB

E-mail #5 – 8/4/14

·         IEM Checklist

·         Seminar Agenda

·         Seminar Assignment #4

·         Seminar Assignment Reminders

·         Seminar Tips

·         Canvas

·         UAB Student ID

·         UAB Wi-Fi

·         Tuition and Fees

·         Paying for College/Financial Assistance

·         IEM Regular Class Meetings

E-mail #6 – 8/11/14

·       Tuition Payment Reminder

·       Seminar Assignment Reminders

·       Seminar Reminders

·       IEM Plan of Study

·       Meet IEM Faculty Members – Chris Johnson and David George