Speaker Portfolio: Recommendations


Dale does a wonderful job explaining, motivating, and detailing how one can take their career and accelerated to higher levels through the process of understanding the concept of "Company of One". ~ Reuben Martinez-Raposo Moreno, Product Manager, McKesson Enterprise Intelligence and Owner of Raposos Gourmet & Tapas


Dale Callahan is a true visionary when it comes to finding work you love. He shows you different methods to creating your "Company of One." Dale gets you to think like a "C" level employee, and shows you that your true calling is not as far away as you may think. Anyone who is interested in changing careers, finding work they love, or learning how to create a lasting brand should read his book or hear him speak. ~ Chase Wright, Resource Analyst, CTS, Inc. and Co-founder of StartUp Birmingham

Callahan challenges you to step out of your cubical-walled professional way of life. He teaches you how to develop and become CEO for your own Company of One - imagine that! One key thought he details is determination of your own value at present. Learning this Me Value was a huge wake up call for me. His book is full of light bulb and ah-ha moments because Callahan too has been in that cubical-walled state of dull-drum and understands the desire to find your passion. What I was most impressed with is the fact that Callahan "gets" the introverted crowd. He's not just talking to the extroverts - he's talking to us "innies" as well! I highly recommend Dale; conquer each day alert to finding work that you love to do and succeeding at it. ~ TC

The "Company of One" is a different take on today's job market. Typically we are all taught to look at open jobs and then concentrate on gaining the skills we need to compete for those jobs. Dr. Callahan completely flips this upside down. He challenges you to discover what you are truly passionate about and then pushes you to make a career out of your passion. Life is just too short to work at a job you hate. ~ Jason Carter, Professional RAN Engineer, AT&T

Dale is one of the exceptional individuals that can see just how much our world has recalibrated and he works hard to help others in our profession, and the students headed into our profession, understand this change. It is a thankless task but an important one. Callahan brings a great new angle to how business professionals must not only take a new look (and responsibility) for their career, they must prepare differently. ~ Glenn S. Phillips, President and Sr. Consultant, Forte' Incorporated

I'm really glad I met Dale Callahan and would recommend his career coaching to anyone looking to improve their situation. Dale is also a dependable and trustworthy person and I hold him in high confidence and esteem. His worldview and sense of humor have always been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me. I firmly believe that Dale will make a long lasting, positive impact on many people. ~ Chris Lumpkin, Network Engineer and ASP Specialist III, ADP Dealer Services

Working with Dale has been an extraordinary learning experience. He is a genuine visionary and the kind of leader who says "this is what we must do because it best serves our clients" and "this is how we must do it because it's the right way to do it." He approaches everything with humility and a sense of humor and, in the process, helps people get a better understanding of themselves and the possibilities open to them. Dale has been Director of the IEM Program since its beginning in 2000 and he has built it into one of the most innovative programs of its kind. I'm just thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Dale and also to call him a friend. He is an amazing guy. ~ Don Appleby, Senior Systems Engineer, Mainline Information Systems

You are a company of one. You must operate as your own company because, in today's economy, the actual company that you work for could fold at any time.  While Dale speaks about every aspect of managing your company of one, the most important part, in my opinion, is that you must find passion. Whatever drives you must be tapped into for you to become a successful company. Self-evaluation never stops. ~ Bryan Chatman, Analyst, LG Electronics