Speaking Engagements With Dale Callahan

DCallahan_2Meet Dale Callahan

Dr. Dale Callahan, PE has been an engineer for over 20 years, but the thing he is most passionate about is helping people reach success on their own terms. Dale has worked as an electrical engineer in corporate America, authored multiple books on entrepreneurship, taught at the graduate level for a major university, and in 2000 Dale started the Information Engineering & Management Masters Degree program at UAB, which has grown to be a world-renowned resource for anyone seeking to further their career. IEM began as a place to provide individuals the tools they needed to reach the success level that mattered to them. Under Dale's direction, it became a hot spot for providing solid career success. From creating start-up companies, to starting a new career, or advancing in your current position, the principles Dale Callahan brings to the table combines business savvy, industry experience, and the everyman’s street smarts, to transform not just your view of Mondays, but your entire career focus. You CAN be successful at a job you love—just ask Dale Callahan.

Learn to be successful in any career by learning to think like an entrepreneur.