Meet Terry White, Owner and Founder Sports Tech

Screen_shot_2011-05-09_at_8.13.07_PMIn May 2011, I sat down with one of IEM newest graduates about the company
he founded called SportsTech. The company creates mobile application software
for --just what the name says, Sport Tech people. As one example, a baseball coach
can download an app from SportsTech that allows that coach to create drills, track scores,
even has a built in radar gun that allows you to display the speed of a pitch from
any distance in both baseball and softball. View SportsTech Website Here. 
{VIDEO} interview with Terry White.


Alumni Spotlight: Suman Silwal

suman-silwalApril’s IEM Alumni Spotlight is Suman Silwal, IEM class of 2010.

Suman is a Systems Analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield Alabama and the founder of a popular video blog on marathon running, He is an experienced web application developer and since enrolling in IEM has taken on new roles leading development projects at BCBS.


Alumni Spotlight - Greg Knight

greg-knight-mengThis alumni spotlight was originally shown in the December 2010 IEM Newsletter.

The December featured IEM alumnus is Greg Knight, Information Systems Manager, Telecommunications for UAB Health System. Greg manages a team of engineers and technicians who support PBX and VoIP(Cisco) phone systems as well as several Nurse Call systems. The team is also responsible for mobile devices. Greg has worked with UAB Health System since 1996 and has held various positions with Health System Information Services. Prior to his current position, Greg served a Senior Network Engineer.


August 2010 - Alumni Spotlight - Michael Mayhew

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the August 2010 IEM Newsletter.

Our August featured IEM alumni is Michael Mayhew, Senior Systems Engineer with BBVA Compass. Michael’s responsibilities include; designing, building, implementing, and supporting all internet facing systems, including Internet Banking. Prior to joining BBVA Compass in 2008, Michael was an Analyst/Programmer at Dataperk.

Michael received a BS in Computer Information Systems from Herzing College. Michael entered the IEM program in the fall of 2008 and graduated in 2010. Recently I spoke with Michael about what motivated him to enter the IEM program. Here is what he had to say about his experience:

“I entered IEM because I was feeling a little complacent and wanted to shake things up. IEM appealed to me because it had a real-world feel. As I went through IEM, I was challenged to find my true passion and this was something that I struggled with for months. I struggled because I thought my true passion had to be something different than my day job. After months of soul searching, I realized that I am one of the few people who got it right the first time. I love what I do!

"After that, things started to click. IEM makes you start seeing opportunities where you used to see brick walls. I started using this to my advantage at work and in my personal life. Right after graduation, I was offered a promotion and a very challenging new role. IEM has also given me the confidence to take my new found ideas and solutions to upper management which has yielded great results. Not only do I have executive-level sponsors backing my initiatives, but I have exposure to executive management that I didn't have before."

"Aside from my day job, I started thinking about my technical skills and background and how I could use those to my advantage. My skills in Internet technologies and system administration led to me start ChainHost, a hosting company specializing in shared and VPS hosting. This was a challenge because I wanted to create a fully automated, hands-off, hosting platform. After months of research and integration, ChainHost is exactly that. Whether you're signing to host a website, e-mail or a virtual server, your order is processed, checked for fraud, authorized for payment and your services are provisioned in the appropriate system all automatically without any human intervention. This gives me time to focus on the more important aspects of the business such as advertising, networking and brand recognition. I just recently met my goal of turning a profit within three months of the launch date.”

Feel free to contact Michael via phone at 205.588.6970 or by e-mail at

Join Michael on LinkedIn.