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What people are saying about us:

"I have recently been offered and accepted a position as a Systems Analyst for the Heart and Vascular Department at UAB Hospital.  The jump from a Computer Technician to a Systems Analyst is five pay grades! One of the main qualifiers for this position was a Master’s Degree in a technical field.  My MEng was my direct qualifier for this position along with my years of experience and knowledge.  The time and effort invested in the IEM program has become directly beneficial within one year of completion!  I expect it to keep being beneficial for years to come! I just wanted to directly say “Thank You” for giving me the chance and opportunity to pursue this program! IEM works!" ~ Christopher Blackmon, Systems Analyst,  Heart and Vascular Department at UAB Hospital, IEM Graduate Class of 2010


“…Sure the program strengthens your technical knowledge in certain areas and definitely strengthens your project management, financial management, and strategic abilities. However, it is really designed to strengthen YOU. It makes you keenly aware of what you want from your professional life or more importantly in my case, what I don’t want from my professional life. I am a technical professional, I have spent 11 years doing back office IT support. Follow that with the 2 years I have been employed as a professor at a technical college and you have 13 years in IT. While I love teaching, I am still in a technical environment. I want to move on and IEM has given me the ideas and the strengths to do just that.”
Jerry Smith, Daxko (formerly ITT)

“If your focus is on using technology within business and the world, then this is the program for you.”
Rachel Smith, Regions Bank

“My understanding of the IT business is much stronger than it would have been had I not gone through this program.  Also, many of my business and marketing skills and understanding are due to coursework in this program.  I have a better feel for the worth of my talents in the IT workforce, giving me stronger justification for salary negotiations.  Finally, the IEM program has opened up new growth opportunities that I would not have discovered outside of this program.”
Robert Pedigo, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I loved the program. It was tough at times, but I really received a lot of useful and pertinent information. I would highly encourage anyone to participate in this program. It is a great program.”
Diann Jackson, Regions Bank

“I selected the IEM program because of the technology component coupled with a business emphasis and it delivered.  I wanted a program that wouldn’t break my budget and yet provide me with a quality level of instruction, and [IEM] fit the bill. It was a great program, the instructors were terrific, and the once a month format fit into my schedule.  It was interesting, informative, and highly rewarding. It’s a challenging program, but I loved every minute of it and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from it.  The thing I value most is how much support I received, not only from my instructors, but also from my fellow students who made it such a great learning experience.”
Jim Hazelwood, Vice-President , Alternative Process Services, Inc.

“The IEM Program is a must have for engineers moving into management or looking to run with their own business.  It bridges the gap between engineering expertise and business success by teaching you how to think like a CEO and giving you the skills and tools needed for business success.”
Steven Puckett, Founder of American-IP

“The program has dramatically increased my network.”
Adam Gooch, El Paso

“Great program for anyone in IT or technology based ventures.”
Michael Bell

“I would encourage anyone who has a technical or a pure business background to go through the IEM program. Businesses that do not manage or understand their IT capabilities will not prosper and are in real danger of failing in the near future.”
John Walker, Strategic Venture Development

“UAB’s IEM program has been a life changing experience for me.  When I entered the program I was wearing blinders and all I could see was the task in front of me.  The IEM program opened my eyes to the world of business and today I spend my time looking for the value add.  I now have the confidence to be a free agent and/or start my own company.  The IEM program has revolutionized my thinking by providing a framework of knowledge to draw upon.  I now feel that the sky is the limit for my career and my future.”
Brian Rabon, Founder Your PM Partner (Now Braintrust Consulting Group).

“There is simply no better way to promote yourself in Information Technology than this program. The information and contacts that you will build with this program will advance your life.”
Mike Wells, Platform Architect at NBC Universal

“Being an older student, I was very skeptical of the value that IEM would provide in my career. However, I now encourage everyone to take the program.  The mix of business and technology provided by the IEM program is invaluable in today’s market place.  No longer can business and technology remain separate and hope to meet the needs of an ever more demanding consumer. The strong combination of the IEM curriculum, the interaction between all types of business and technology experience, and networking abilities provides that unique hands on type of experience that moves IEM  from being just another graduate program to being an invaluable must have for career development.”
Ray Shaffer – Consultant at Resources Global Professionals (Previous Executive Vice President, Compass Bank)

“The IEM program exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend the IEM program to anyone seeking to enhance their opportunities for senior technology leadership within their company or who intends to take their ideas to market as an entrepreneur.”
Doug Romans, AT&T

“With an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a long career in Information Technology I was looking for a graduate degree that perfectly blended scientific and engineering rigor with a foundation in business and entrepreneurship. The UAB IEM program exactly met this need. The program faculty and staff offer remarkable insights and make every effort to ensure each student’s success. The future of the UAB IEM program is indeed a bright one and I cannot offer a higher recommendation.”
Vincent Cirel – SVP / CIO at Norwegian Cruise Line

“The IEM program provided me more than just a graduate degree. It challenged me to change the way I view the world personally and professionally. The lessons gained and exposure to great thinkers has equipped me to better meet the leadership challenges in a highly-competitive, rapidly-changing, global software market. I attribute much of my professional success to the relationships forged through the program and to the outstanding faculty.”
Daniel E. Retzer, Managing Director and CTO, XSP(tm)
This has been an excellent term and program!  The project forced me to get things done, and my site is starting to take shape. It was hard work, but that’s sort of what you expect from a graduate program.  I certainly can’t complain about the unexpected additional  income from consulting either. The pace of the overall program was right on target for me.  There was no time to procrastinate on course deliverables from day 1, and I think that set the tone for the entire program.  I’ve recommended IEM to just about anyone who is willing to listen. 

The combination of experiences, support, and motivation from you, Jennifer, Rusty, Brian, and Don made the time commitments all worthwhile.

Dan Murphy | Instructional Design Manager, UAB April 2014