Dr. Ossama E. RamadanOssama E. Ramadan, PhD, PEDr. Ramadan, a UAB alumnus,  is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the UAB Transportation Engineering and Development Laboratory (TREND Lab). He is a professionally-licensed Transportation Engineer and Researcher specialized in Traffic Simulation and Transportation Performance Management. His areas of expertise include highway operations and safety; traffic simulation and modelling; transportation performance management; transportation data analytics; and project management. Dr. Ramadan's expertise was developed through a diverse portfolio of research and consulting projects. He has teaching and mentoring experience at accredited programs in USA, Canada, and Egypt; that is backed up by a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching. In addition, Dr. Ramadan has a track record of honors and awards; and a demonstrated record of professional, institutional, and community service.

Dr. Ramadan's research at TREND Lab is focused on reducing congestion and improving surface transportation in USA. Specifically, he is employing his expertise in traffic modeling and transportation data analytics to develop long-term plans, design guidelines, and management strategies that would enhance the operational reliability and resiliency of the national highway system.

For more information about Dr. Ramadan's professional profile, please visit his e-portfolio at www.ossamaramadan.com

Dr. Ramadan can be reached at oramadan@uab.edu or you can schedule a meeting with him at doodle.com/oeramadan