Dr. Ossama E. RamadanDr. Ossama E. RamadanDr. Ramadan, a UAB alumnus, is a Transportation Engineer and Researcher experienced in traffic engineering and transportation/civil infrastructure. He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), Envision® Sustainability Professional (ENV SP), and Project Management Professional (PMP)®. Dr. Ramadan's areas of expertise include traffic simulation; transportation performance management; transportation data analytics; traffic analysis; traffic studies; Mobility as a Service (MaaS); connected vehicles; work zone traffic control; highway safety analysis; GIS; sustainability design and rating; highway design; civil construction oversight; and engineering/research project management.

Dr. Ramadan's expertise was developed through a diverse portfolio of applied-research and consulting projects in USA, Canada, and Egypt. He is nationally prominent and recognized through published technical work and conference presentations, and highly visible through active participation in professional organizations. Dr. Ramadan is a lifelong learner constantly expanding and honing his skills while demonstrating leadership through a track record of honors and awards; and a demonstrated record of professional, institutional, and community service.

In June 2016, Dr. Ramadan was appointed as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the UAB Transportation Engineering and Development Laboratory (TREND Lab), where he has been employing his expertise in traffic simulation and transportation data analytics to develop long-term plans, design guidelines, and management strategies to enhance the operational reliability and resiliency of the national highway system. Currently, his research at TREND Lab is focused on mitigating congestion and improving surface transportation in USA.

Dr. Ramadan can be reached by email or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can click here to schedule a meeting or a teleconference.