Diversity Enriches Us - The many backgrounds, interests, and traditions of the people in our community create opportunities for us to discover new ways of thinking and being.


At UAB, diversity is the full range of human difference and potential that manifests itself in individual members of the campus community.  Included in this range are many differences – race, gender, ethnic, culture, national origin, religious belief, physical abilities, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, lifestyle preference, and political conviction.  Equity is meant to include equal access to employment and education opportunities, and dealing fairly and equally with all members of the university community.  


It is the mission of the Office for Equity and Diversity to increase and enhance faculty, student and staff diversity at all levels of the university and to ensure equity.  In support of this mission, the UAB Diversity PASSPORT invites you to join in on a journey to experience firsthand how the diversity in our community enriches our lives every day at work and at home. We often draw inspiration when we listen to each other's experiences. Sharing our stories gives us important insights into life lessons and fosters appreciation, respect and true collaboration.


The UAB Diversity PASSPORT can guide you to new places, conversations, events, movies, books, restaurants and more. Then, each month, take time to reflect and allow the new information to enrich your own experience and to become part of your own story.


A.  Program Description

The UAB Diversity PASSPORT Program is sponsored by the Office for Equity and Diversity and the Office of Human Resource Management in collaboration with the UAB Diversity Council, UAB Affirmative Action Officers and Diversity Contacts.  The UAB Diversity PASSPORT Program runs from January, 2010 through December, 2010.



Note: Themes, events, and activities posted on this website are simply suggestions to help you participate. Many sources were consulted (websites, calendars, diversity resources, etc.) and every effort was made to insure inclusion and accuracy. The list is not all-inclusive. Feel free to come up with additional activities and ideas! If you have information to share with other passport holders, please forward details to the Diversity PASSPORT Listserv.


1.   Diversity PASSPORT Listserv

The Listserv is used for passport holders to post information, post inquiries and receive information from the passport facilitators.


2.   Diversity PASSPORT

The Diversity PASSPORT is a personal booklet designed to document your travels through the world of diversity.


3.   Diversity PASSPORT Reception

The reception is an annual event bringing all program participants together to share experiences.  It is expected that the Diversity PASSPORT Reception will be held during UAB Community Week.


4.   Securing your Diversity PASSPORT 

Registering connects you into the Diversity Learning Community and enables you to receive valuable updates, announcements, communications, and resources.  After registration, you may pick up your passport from the Office for Equity and Diversity or the Office of Human Resource Management.


Participate in at least one activity or event each month.  Information and suggestions have been provided, but feel free to invent your own way of participating.


Take some time to journal in the space provided. Please note that your passport is yours to keep and will not be collected at any time.


Upon completing at least one event or activity per month, validate by telling someone about what you did, what you learned and something you will do based upon what you learned. Have the person sign your passport in the "Validation Area".


Evaluate your experience when the passport program ends in December 2010.


Diversity PASSPORT Notes to Travelers


Participation in the Diversity PASSPORT Program is completely voluntary. For support to participate on work time, please consult your supervisor. Listed activities and events are merely suggestions for ways to participate in diversity-based learning each month. Feel free to invent your own activities. Any individual passport and contents (including written reflections) will remain the private property of the owner.  Updates and changes to the Diversity PASSPORT Program will be posted on this website.


We hope you find the Diversity PASSPORT to be a great way for you to learn about this wonderful world. Have fun exploring!


The website is the focal point of the program.  Participants register on the website and go to the website for diversity-related activities posted each month.  These activities include events on campus and in the community.