Diversity PASSPORT Notes to Travelers

Remember, participation in the UAB Diversity PASSPORT Program is completely voluntary. Please consult your supervisor for approval if you wish to participate in activities on work time. Again, any individual passport and contents (including written reflections) will remain the private property of the owner.

Here are some ideas you might try:

  • What if you invited staff to bring their Diversity PASSPORT ¬†into your next staff meeting? You could each talk about what you did and maybe come to some new understandings within your group.
  • Food is a great way to possibly bring groups together to share international food and stories of our heritage!
  • Send events, ideas, book and movie suggestions to share with fellow travelers to the listserv (passport@listserv.uab.edu) where it will be made available to those registered in the Diversity Learning Community.

The UAB Diversity PASSPORT Program sponsors: Dr. Louis Dale, Vice President for Equity and Diversity and Dr. Pamela Burks, Executive Director, Human Resources