The UAB Facilities Department of Small Business Inclusion (SBI) and Planning Design & Construction (PD&C) presented the first Small Public Works (SPW) Vendor Fair to nearly 40 small business owners in Birmingham. The Vendor Fair provided attendees with an in-depth understanding of the SPW program, how it works, and upcoming opportunities.

The SPW program was created to ensure small, diverse businesses receive a fair opportunity to do work with UAB.

“This program is good for our local economy, and it’s also good for us to have more resources and options for project delivery,” said Greg Parsons, Assistant Vice President of PD&C. “And the more competition we have, the more value we add for our customers.”

Construction projects of less than $50,000 are called SPW projects. SPW projects, which also include design or space changes, are handled via the SPW process.

“We have three to four times as many SPW projects as Large Public Works (LPW) projects, which is one of several reasons why we’re doing this,” Parsons said. PD&C is working with SBI and Kemp Management Solutions (KMS) to ensure SPW projects receive competitive bids from a range of contractors.

It’s important to note any business can submit information to be included on the list of businesses, and KMS will ensure the list is rotated so businesses receive fair opportunities to bid on projects.

All data regarding this process is being cataloged and can be referenced. Since the program began in September, 50 percent of the bid SPW projects have been awarded to small, diverse business contractors.