SON Exterior NW UAB’s Facilities Division has worked with the City of Birmingham on identifying ways to further enhance pedestrian safety near the School of Nursing construction project on University Boulevard. The construction project involves closing the pedestrian bridge between the School of Nursing and Lister Hill. In response to the construction changes, many pedestrians are choosing to cross or walk within University Boulevard in areas that are not designated as pedestrian routes.

“Both the City and UAB have been concerned with the number of faculty, staff and students crossing in the middle of University Boulevard,” said Greg Parsons, Assistant Vice President for Planning Design and Construction. “We’ve placed signage in the area, held informational meetings and placed some construction fencing in the area, and it’s not helped deter pedestrians from crossing.”

Based on the high demand for additional pedestrian access in the area, UAB is working with the City to provide a phased approach to adding additional safe routes in the area. Phase I is to install temporary barricades to prevent pedestrians from using routes that are not designated for pedestrian access. At the same time, staff will be preparing Phase II, which will be to install additional safe routes. These Phase II routes are currently being designed and more information will follow once the designs have been completed.

While the above work is being completed, signage will continue to direct pedestrians on how to navigate around the construction zone.

“While we recognize it takes longer to get around the construction zone, UAB is committed to pedestrian safety and will always work with the City to ensure faculty, staff, students and visitors are safe,” said Lamar Zuiderhoek, Project Manager for Planning Design and Construction.

The School of Nursing construction project, which consists of a renovation to the existing two stories and a three-story vertical expansion, is slated to be completed in June 2018. The project began Oct. 10. Along with creating state-of-the-art classrooms, the project will also address existing issues with the pedestrian bridge and plaza.