Special feature recognizing one the best and brightest Alumni students in the ASBA Program: Steven Banks.

Tell us about your ASBA experience.

I could not have asked for a better undergraduate student internship other than the opportunity provided by ASBA. Through the ASBA experience, I had the opportunity to have phenomenal exposure to the ins and outs of a small business.

Did your ASBA experience teach you valuable personal and professional skills?

Yes. The program is an excellent way to get involved with the Birmingham community and network with many small business owners in the area. This program truly helped me learn about myself as a professional; it gave me confidence to be outspoken and voice my opinion.

What is your advice to students currently in the ASBA program?

I encourage all undergraduate members who are currently part of this program to get involved, listen, ask questions and to not be intimidated by the environment. Push yourself to be the best you can be and you will see the results. The business owners are great people that you can learn much from, so take advantage of them, ask them questions and you’ll see how great these people are.