UAB Facilities Division developed and maintains a Master List of DBE contractors, subcontractors, and vendors. This Master Bidder List is used to notify subcontractors of projects at the time projects are sent to newspapers for advertisement thereby increasing the likelihood that the subcontractors are aware of the projects and allowing them to make contact with the prime contractors in a timely fashion and ultimately have a sufficient amount of time to establish an accurate and competitive bid for the project:

Master Database of DBE Vendors

If you are not yet a vendor for UAB but would like to do business with UAB, please register with UAB and complete the vendor application form following the link below. Vendors are encouraged to complete the application with as much detail as possible. Please pay close attention to the guidelines under “ownership” field of this form: if the vendor does not properly identify that his or her business is DBE owned, this business will not be identified as such in all future endeavors with UAB. This will help to ensure that your application is properly registered in the UAB Procurement system and ready to receive transactions:

Click here for the link to UAB Financial Affairs Vendor Application