We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of 125 campus buildings which totals approximately 8 million square feet of classroom, research, and office space. In addition to campus buildings, we also maintain lights and equipment on more than 1 million square feet of parking decks.

The Campus Maintenance Department is responsible for the following:

  • Routine operation and maintenance of lighting, plumbing, electrical distribution, air conditioning/heating systems, and finishes of 125 buildings
  • Non-Routine/Special Services require a work order from Design/Build
  • Services requiring a work order include: new installations, upgrades or modifications beyond the original design, relocation or additional thermostats/vents, and temporary modifications due to construction

       Our dispatch personnel respond to more than 75,000 maintenance calls per year.
        We have an extensive equipment preventive maintenance system which provides a weekly summary of outstanding equipment preventive maintenance tasks.
        The supply group provides the material support functions for the Facilities Division.  This group maintains 4,500 items in inventory and procures various goods and services as needed by the department or division.
        We currently maintain or supervise the maintenance on over 230 elevators in the UAB Hospital and on Campus.  Our elevator maintenance personnel established a preventive maintenance program to notify when inspections or testing is needed.  It also gives safety codes guidelines for the tests or inspections to be performed.
        The roofing group oversees and maintains the waterproof integrity of the buildings at both the University and Hospital.
        Boiler Operators inspect boilers and boiler support equipment, install, test, calibrate and maintain steam and hot water boilers, and their control systems, and devices to include combustion, water treatment and safety, which provide steam and/or hot water for building automated temperature control systems in the Campus and Hospital buildings.
PM Group 
        This group’s goal is to assist the HVAC mechanics in the field by fine tuning their equipment (air-handling units) by replacing bearing, motors, fan wheels and controls. This will give the HVAC’s time to handle heating and cooling calls for our customers.

 The MISSION of Campus Maintenance is to provide a quality environment for our customers and employees. The primary areas of responsibility are: .
  • Provide preventive maintenance to campus facilities and equipment to ensure smooth operations
  • Perform routine emergency maintenance on a timely and economical basis.
  • Perform routine inspections, and operation evaluations of the campus facilities.