Darryl Crider Director Campus Maintenance
Darryl Crider
Director of Campus Maintenance

Engineers and Supervisors

Pamela Alford, Maintenance Manager
Pamela Alford
Maintenance Manager

Jeff Mims, Maintenance Supervisor  I
Jeff Mims
Maintenance Supervisor I

Wayne Nall Maint Field Supervisor
Wayne Nall
Maintenance Field Supervisor
Demetrice Richey, Supervisor Steam Operations
Demetrice Richey
Supervisor Steam Operations
Mike Teague, Maint Field Supervisor
Mike Teague
Maintenance Field Supervisor

Clarence Smith Maintenance Field Supervisor
Clarence Smith
Maintenance Field Supervisor
James Warner, Maint Field Supervisor
James Warner
Maintenance Field Supervisor
Richard Watts, Engineering Manager
Richard Watts
Engineering Manager

Personnel and Supporting Staff

Michael Adamson, Electrician
Michael Adamson
Rick Alfano, Plumber
Rick Alfano
Gene Allen, Plumber
Gene Allen
Terrell Anderson, General Mechanic
Terrell Anderson
General Mechanic
Ben Ballard Material Control Specialist
Ben Ballard
Material Control Specialist
Carey Ballard, Carpenter/Cabinet Maker
Carey Ballenger
Carpenter/Cabinet Maker
Barry Bates, Electrician
Barry Bates
Haywood Battle, General Mechanic
Haywood Battle
General Mechanic

LaToya Bishop, OSS II
Latoya Bishop
Hank Bolton, Material and Procurement
Hank Bolton
Material & Procurement
Terence Bradford, Plumber
Terence Bradford

Duran Bridges, General Mechanic
Duran Bridges
General Mechanic
Charles Broome, General Mechanic
Charles Broome
General Mechanic
Bradford Brown II, HVAC Mechanic
Bradford Brown II
HVAC Mechanic
Stanley Buchanan, General Mechanic
Stanley Buchanan
General Mechanic

Keith Calvert, HVAC Mechanic
Keith Calvert
HVAC Mechanic
Frank Castellano, Plumber
Frank Castellano
Kevin Cates, Instrument and Control
Kevin Cates
Instrument and Control

Coleman Clayton, Painter
Coleman Clayton
David Clowdus, General Mechanic
David Clowus

General Mechanic
Dale Conner, HVAC Mechanic
Dale Conner
HVAC Mechanic
Dewayne Cook, General Mechanic
Dewayne Cook
General Mechanic

Keith Crowe, Painter
Keith Crowe

Rick Crow, General Mechanic
Rick Crow
General Mechanic
Scott Davis, Plumber
Scott Davis

Larry Davison, Sr, General Mechanic
Larry Davison, Sr.
General Mechanic
Gary Dawson, Plumber
Gary Dawson
Patrick Dean, Plumber
Patrick Dean

 J D Dickerson, Electrician
J.D. Dickerson

Christopher Diliberto, Painter
Christopher Diliberto

John Downing III, Electrician
John Downing III
Marcus Eason, HVAC Mechanic
Marcus Eason

HVAC Mechanic
David Glover, General Mechanic
David Glover

General Mechanic
Davy Hancock, HVAC Mechanic
Davy Hancock
HVAC Mechanic

Dennis Harris, General Mechanic
Dennis Harris
General Mechanic
James Hawkins Jr, General Mechanic
James Hawkins Jr

General Mechanic
Gordon Hayes, Maintenance Mechanic
Gordon Hays
Maintenance Mechanic
Lester Hebert III, HVAC Mechanic
Lester Herbert III
HVAC Mechanic
Sheila Herring, Preventive Maintenance
Sheila Herring
Preventive Maintenance

Steve Hooper, HVAC Mechanic
Steve Hooper

HVAC Mechanic
Brian Howard, HVAC PM Mechanic
Brian Howard

HVAC PM Mechanic
David Howze, Supply Worker
David Howze
Supply Worker

Kelvin James, Electrician
Kelvin James

Gary Janik, Electrician
Gary Janik


Emmitt Jolly, General Mechanic
Emmit Jolly

General Mechanic
Victor Jordan, Instrument Control Tech
Victor Jordan

Instrument & Control
Rodney Kennedy, Painter
Rodney Kennedy
William Kimbrough, General Mechanic
William Kimbrough
General Mechanic

Shane Kohn, Plumber
Shane Kohn

Scott Laye, General Mechanic
Scott Laye

General Mechanic
Greg Leach, HVAC Mechanic
Greg Leach
HVAC Mechanic
Charles Lynch, General Mechanic
Charles Lynch
General Mechanic

Jeff Marsh, HVAC Mechanic
Jeff Marsh

HVAC Mechanic
Danny Matlock, HVAC Mechanic
Danny Matlock

HVAC Mechanic
 Mike McCay, General Mechanic
Mike McCay
General Mechanic

Bryan McMahan, Plumber
Bryan McMahan

Robert McNeal, General Mechanic
Robert McNeal
General Mechanic
Yancy Morgan, HVAC Mechanic
Yancy Morgan
HVAC Mechanic

Larry Neugent, General Mechanic
Larry Neugent

General Mechanic
Delois Picket, Dispatcher
Delois Picket

Richard Price, HVAC Mechanic
Richard Price
HVAC Mechanic
Brian Priest, Painter
Brian Priest

Alan Rusmisel, HVAC Mechanic
Alan Rusmisel

HVAC Mechanic
Yolanda Shipman, Office Associate II
Yolanda Shipman
Office Associate II
Brad Shore, General Mechanic
Brad Shores
General Mechanic

Kirk Vantrease, General Mechanic
Kirk Vantrease
General Mechanic
Shelton Walker, HVAC Mechanic
Shelton Walker
HVAC Mechanic

Miles Ward III, General Mechanic
Miles Ward III

General Mechanic
Dennis West, HVAC Mechanic
Denis West

HVAC Mechanic
George White, General Mechanic
George White
General Mechanic
Reginald Williams, Electrician
Reginald Williams
Winston III Will General Mechanic
Will Winston III
General Mechanic
Johnny Winters, Electrician
Johnny Winters