UAB Elevator Maintenance

The UAB Elevator Maintenance Department has established a preventive maintenance program that is based on the recommendations of the ANSI safety Codes for Elevators and Escalators, A17.1, A17 2.and A17.3.  These Safety Codes give clear guidelines of items to be inspected, tests to be performed, and or how often these inspections and tests are to be performed. We have adapted accepted industry standards for the frequency for preventative maintenance visits that exceed the minimum required by code.

We currently maintain or supervise the maintenance on over 280 elevators in the UAB Hospitals and on Campus.  The elevators that we maintain are inspected twice a month by one of our in-house maintenance crew which currently consists of 8 employees.  Our technicians are licensed by the Alabama Department of Labor, Elevator Safety Division.  We also maintain certification through The National Elevator Contractors Association (NECA) -Certified Elevator Technician education program.

We use a "Check Chart" that lists the items that are to be inspected and how often the inspections are to take place. We also have an on site "Maintenance Log" that must be signed by the mechanic on each visit. These logs are verified by supervision and the elevator equipment is routinely spot-checked to assure that it is maintained to our standards.

We supervise the maintenance performed by outside contractors, such as KONE Elevator, Otis Elevator, ThyssenKrupp, Schindler Elevator, and others assuring that all UAB elevator equipment is properly and safely maintained.

In addition to preventative maintenance visits, all the elevators at UAB are inspected annually by a Licensed Elevator Inspection Company under the jurisdiction of the Alabama Elevator Safety Board.  During these inspections all safety tests that are required by the ANSI Elevator Codes are preformed.

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Elevator Installations and Upgrades

The UAB Elevator Maintenance Department assists the Project Management Team in writing specifications for elevator installations in new buildings and for the renovation of elevators in existing buildings. We inspect all new elevators for compliance with our standards and ANSI safety codes.

Elevator Technician Training Program

The UAB Elevator Maintenance Department has a training program that is approved by the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. We have demonstrated our ability to train qualified technicians to perform all aspects of elevator maintenance and repair.


The mission of Elevator Maintenance is to effectively and safely maintain and manage the University’s Vertical Transportation Systems by providing excellent service to our customers at a reasonable cost.


The vision of Elevator Maintenance is to have a capital renewal program and a preventive maintenance program to provide continuous excellence in our facilities.