Materials UAB Recycles

UAB collects three major categories of materials from campus buildings: Paper, Aluminum cans and #1 and #2 Plastic bottles.  It is very important to ONLY recycle the proper materials as listed below. Improper items are considered contamination & hurt the recycling process, making it less effective. It’s great to be Green, but it’s better to be Green the right way!

Paper is collected throughout the campus in 96 gallon rolling totes labeled "paper recycling only". The following paper items can be included within the paper collection totes:

  • Office Paper of any color
  • Newspapers
  • Cardboard boxes (please make sure the cardboard is broken down or flattened)
  • Magazines
  • Textbooks
  • Phone Books
  • Other common paper items( paper bags, mail, envelopes, manila folders)

**The only paper that we cannot recycle is material that has come in contact with food, beverages, or grease, plus stickers or labels by themselves – everything else can and should be recycled!

Aluminum Cans
Aluminum cans are collected throughout the campus in the green containers known as half-gluttons, pictured here with Blaze. Most aluminum cans are drink cans and that is what we collect from UAB campus buildings.

95% of the energy is saved by recycling aluminum instead of creating it from bauxite. By recycling cans, you are helping to conserve energy and reducing material going to Alabama landfills.

Note - Steel food cans (soup, tuna, etc) are not accepted with aluminum cans, but may be taken to the Drop-Off Center. See very last link for more info. Aluminum foil & food pans are considered trash; please dispose of them properly


Plastic Bottles
Plastic bottles are collected throughout the campus in the same half-gluttons as cans. The plastics industry has developed a coding system to help consumers identify different types of plastic resins used in packaging. The codes can be found on the bottom or sides of most plastic containers. UAB currently only accepts #1 and #2 plastics in bottle form - No 6-pack rings, utensils, plates, bags by themselves or any plastics!  Plastic shopping bags can be recycled at various stores such as Publix & Wal-Mart, or check for other plastic recycling options.

UAB Recycling also accepts materials at the Drop-Off Center that are not collected campus-wide. For more information, visit this page: