Frequently asked questions

FAQ #1 – How to get a container emptied?

Please refer to the ‘Getting a Container Emptied’ section to the left.

FAQ #2 - How can I recycle batteries?

Alkaline batteries, such as AA, AAA, etc are not recyclable and are not hazardous waste. These batteries can go into regular trash. Lithium, NiCad and lead acid batteries are considered Universal Wastes, along with fluorescent lamps and ballasts. These items must be stored in a secure area and labeled properly. There are various staging areas around campus for collection of these items, though only items generated on UAB property will be accepted. For more information, please visit the OH&S website.

FAQ #3 – Why doesn’t UAB recycle styrofoam?
Logistically & financially, it’s too difficult at this time. Things may change in the future.

FAQ #4 – What about printer cartridges?

UAB does recycle printer ink and toner cartridges. Click here to learn more.

FAQ #5 – Where can I recycle old cell phones, electronics, automotive products, hazardous waste, and other materials that the UAB Drop-Off Center doesn’t accept?

For cell phones, appliances, & most electronics, contact Technical Knockout - Another option for all materials in general, plus automotive & hazardous waste, is searching via
Those who remember Jefferson County’s annual household hazardous waste collection day & would like to see it return can voice your request to Barbara Newman,, 205-930-1254.

FAQ#6 – I don’t want to dump grease or used cooking oil down my sink because it will clog that up, as well as harm the water system. Where can I recycle this grease or oil I’ve had sitting around?

There is a white shed at the front of the UAB Drop-Off Center that holds gallon jugs for used cooking oil/grease. Empty ones are on the top shelf & can be taken any time, place full ones on the bottom shelf.