Energy Management

The function of the UAB Energy Management Department is to ensure the most energy efficient operation of UAB’s facilities.  UAB’s Energy Management department is responsible for managing all of the energy usage, billing, metering, and various conservation projects for the more than 150 UAB campus and hospital buildings.  We are constantly striving to save energy and promote sustainability without sacrificing a comfortable environment throughout our campus – Think Green, Save Gold – UAB Energy Management.

  • Customer Support Regarding Utilities
  • Energy Conservation and Sustainability Projects
  • Building Space Surveys and Analysis
  • Lighting Surveys and Analysis
  • Utility Billing, Usage, and Rate Analysis
  • Building Setbacks (during unoccupied times)
  • Monthly Utility Billing
  • Utility Sub-metering
  • Project Reviews
  • Track usage and rebated funds from sewer credits
  • Maintain all of UAB’s utility records with use of EnergyCAP database
  • Provide customer requested utility usage reports

    Utility Billing – Distributes Chilled Water, Steam, and Sodexho Food Service monthly bills

    Utility Analysis – Analyzes consumption and cost

    Utility Records – Maintains UAB’s utility data in EnergyCAP database

    Lighting Survey – Performs audits to identify more efficient lighting

    Building Survey – Performs audits to identify energy conservation measures

    Meter Reading – Captures monthly meter readings for electricity, natural gas, chilled water, steam, domestic water, and sewer

    Meter Maintenance – Maintains, calibrates, and upgrades UAB’s utility metering system

    Facility Standards – Maintains list of Facility Standards in order to set precedence for most energy efficient and sustainable methods of construction