Energy Conservation Facts

1.    A 100 watt incandescent light bulb costs about $90/year (continuously on).  A 24 watt compact fluorescent uses 75% less with the same brightness.
2.    A typical 4 lamp T-12 2’ x 4’ fluorescent ceiling light costs over $150/year in energy.  With the right lamp, changing to T-8’s with electronic ballasts can cut this in half.
3.    PC’s running continuously consume $175/year in electricity.  Turning one off at 5:00 PM and weekends can save over $100/year.  Updates can be scheduled during lunch.
4.    A 1 gallon/minute water leak costs around $7,500/year with sewer charges.  (And Jefferson County still wants more.)
5.    One motor horse power costs around $400/year in electricity.  Some air handlers have 100 horse power motors.  Shutting them off or slowing them down (with variable frequency motor controls – VFD’s) during unoccupied times will save.  So take the stairs instead of elevators – one floor up, two floors down.
6.    A 25 watt T8 fluorescent tube lamp saves 7 watts over the ‘industry standard’ 32 T-8 watt T-8 fluorescent along with $7/year in electricity – all  at only a $1/lamp premium in price.
7.    Setting a building back during unoccupied times can save up to 15% a year in utility costs.
8.    A UAB 4-day workweek would instantly save 20% in fuel costs and untold tons of carbon in the Birmingham air.
9.    LED lights use even less energy than fluorescents but at a greater initial investment.  They will be the future lighting source as technology makes them cheaper.
10.    Occupancy sensed corridor lighting costs around $10/linear foot to install and can have less than a 2 year payback.
11.    Under-desk space heaters can cost $100/month to operate; even more if the air conditioning is fighting against them during summer months.
12.    Solar power is awesome!  It just doesn’t pay for itself here in Alabama – our electric rates are just too low compared to other states.
13.    Wind power (wind mills) doesn’t work well in Alabama – not enough wind and the electric rates are too low for a good payback.