business spotlightSpecial feature highlighting successful businesses in the Birmingham area participating in the UAB Academic Small Business Alliance program. 
Valere Anderson, President, Anderson's New Construction Cleaning
d/b/a ANCC

Q. How did the ASBA program benefit Anderson New Construction? 
A. The ASBA program was highly successful for our business. I especially feel the program was beneficial to our business, the student, and the community. The interns promoted growth of our presence on social media which brought a new slate of clients to us that we are now servicing!

Q. Did you experience growth while in the semester long program?
A. Yes! Our business grew internally and externally because of the students' hard work and dedication to our company. As a business, we also began to see growth with the students as their work ethic was exceptional, and showing that they cared for our business' success. Due to the students' commitment to our company through advertisement and an increase in projects, we were able to reach out into the community to create jobs and opportunities for the unemployed. 

Q. Would you participate in the internship program again?
A. Absolutely. The interns played a significant role in the growth of our business through their assistance in bookkeeping, creating a new website and letterhead for our company. We were also able to begin the process for some important certifications through the help of UAB’s student interns, as well as create a disciplinary policy for our workers. Overall, the ASBA program has afforded our company wonderful opportunities in the field of new construction cleaning.