Rates for Service Centers

Facilities Division’s Financial Management develops the rate structure for each of our service center, plant and recharge accounts. Rates are set to cover all expenses and provide for the appropriate working capital reserve – in accordance with UAB’s policy. The accounts are monitored closely. Rates are adjusted mid-year (after reviewing March FYTD results) if a change is necessary based on UAB guidelines.

Below are the current rates for Facilities’ service centers, plant and recharge accounts:

Facilities Division's Service Center, Plant & Recharge Accounts

Service Centers: Internal External
  % of Total Project Cost    
Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) New Construction New Construction w/ inhouse A/E & I/D Renovation Renovation w/ inhouse A/E & I/D Equip/Furniture only    
< $50k 8.00% 12.00% 8.00% 12.00% 4.00%   NA
$50 k - $750k 6.00% 10.00% 6.50% 10.00% 3.50%   NA
>$750k 3.50% 4.00% 4.50% 5.00% 3.00%   NA
Small Public Works (SPW)     10.00%       NA
Conceirge Construction Services (CCS)              
  quote provided to customer              
  Prep work           $57/hour NA
  Routine work           $68/hour NA
  Specialty work           $75/hour NA
Biohood Certification - OH&S           $207/hood $218/hood
Plant Accounts:              
Steam (central loop, before condensate credits)           $26.82/Mlbs $28.16/Mlbs
Chilled Water (central loop)           $16.31/MMBTu $17.13/MMBTu
Recharge Accounts:              
Construction Shutdown Hospital           39.74/hour NA
Construction Shutdown Campus           39.74/hour NA
Maintenance Special work (non routine/after hours)           39.74/hour NA
Support Services Special work (non routine/after hours)           Job Rate @ OT NA
Bartow special cleaning           Actual ee rate NA