Facilities’ Financial Management oversees the non exempt payroll departmental function for our Division. Currently Facilities utilizes two front end payroll systems for non exempt employees:

  • GORRIE REGAN – GORRIE REGAN is used for Campus Maintenance, Support Services, and CCS departments. GORRIE REGAN loads badged hours electronically into the Oracle TEL documents.
  • KRONOS – the remaining non exempt employees utilize the new Kronos system to accumulate badged or computer-swiped hours. Currently these employees must manually enter their time (to match Kronos) into Oracle TEL. Kronos’ next implementation phase, to automatically load Oracle TEL, is projected to occur in the first quarter of calendar 2017.

Find more information about Payroll at the UAB Financial Affairs website


The 2017 Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule is below:

2017 BW Schedule