George Perdue

This series will focus on highlighting the team behind the Academic Small Business Alliance (ASBA) program. Without their dedication and commitment to ensuring the success of the students and business owners, ASBA would not be a success. Introducing: George Perdue, ASBA Small Business Liaison.

As the Small Business Liaison for the ASBA program, Perdue acts as a communication liaison with Diverse Business Enterprises (DBEs) in the community. He recruits DBEs to the program and monitors the success of the DBEs by making visits to the locations where student internships are being serviced. Perdue also functions as an expert in a wide variety of specialized and advanced techniques with small business owners.

Perdue brings a stellar background in business development to the ASBA Team including: 35 years at UAB, with nearly 20 years spent directing UAB’s Supplier Diversity Program; and 23 years in the Alabama House of Representatives where he sponsored and/or co-sponsored several amendments to Alabama’s Competitive Bid Law to benefit small/diverse businesses, particularly minority and women-owned business enterprises.

“After retirement from UAB over 10 years ago, it is a tremendous joy to work with ASBA team members on a project that does so much for aspiring UAB students and small diverse businesses who desire to grow and expand their businesses in Birmingham’s Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA),” said George Perdue, ASBA Small Business Liaison.