Liz Hyde

Special feature highlighting successful businesses in the Birmingham area participating in the UAB Academic Small Business Alliance program. Introducing: Liz Hyde, President and CEO, Hyde Engineering

How does the ASBA program benefit your company?

This program allows us to meet students that are coming out of UAB that we may not normally connect with. Our intern for this semester is extremely bright and has been able to help us with specific projects. I am very impressed with his work ethic, skills, and knowledge.

Did you and your intern experience growth while in the semester long program?

Based on my experience to date, yes we have both grown from the experience. He is learning about the construction/design process and we are gaining an experienced programmer which happened to be exactly what we needed.

Would you participate in the internship program again? Why?

I would participate again. I believe it is a worthwhile program for the students and gets them in the real world. I enjoy being a part of their world too.