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Beckman Mentor Data Form 2015

UAB Beckman Scholars Program Mentor Information

UAB has again been invited to apply for an Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Scholars grant. We were awarded the 3-year grant in 2012, and have been invited to reapply for the 2015 cycle.

The Beckman Foundation is interested in funding students engaged in research in the areas of biology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, chemistry, neuroscience and related disciplines.

Beckman Scholars (6 students over three years) work with a faculty mentor 40 hours a week for ten weeks for two summers and 10 hours a week during the intervening academic year. The amount of funding for the 2015 Beckman Scholars Program per student is $26,000 of which $21,000 is specifically for the Scholar, and $5,000 for the Scholar’s Mentor.

The following provides a breakdown of each Beckman Scholar award:

Student Stipend: $18,200
  • Summer Funding — $6,800 per summer for each student
  • Academic Year Funding — $4,600 per academic year for each student

Student scientific travel and supply funds: $2,800
  • Summer/Academic Year Travel and Supplies Funding to support research activities — $2,800 for each student

Beckman Symposium:
  • Each Beckman Scholar may be invited to attend the annual Beckman Symposium in each of the two summers of their award cycle; a formal notification and invitation to be provided.

Mentor Stipend: $5,000
  • Scholar Mentorship Plan (SMP) - Mentor to develop & support the SMP,
    • Outlining the Scholar/Mentor relationship,
    • Detailing the collaboration between scholar, mentor & mentor’s lab,
    • Defining the expectations of the Beckman Scholar, including:
      • Attendance at outside presentations/scientific symposia with the Mentor
      • Pursuit of increased undergraduate journal publication rates by the Scholar & Mentor
    • Outlining the anticipated results of the Scholar’s research
  • Mentor Travel - to support attendance with Scholar at outside scientific symposia
  • Scientific Supplies - related to the Scholar’s research
  • Publication Fees - for publishing in undergraduate and peer reviewed publications related to Scholar’s research

UAB Beckman Mentors

Ten to fifteen UAB faculty members will be chosen as potential mentors. Faculty of any rank in the above areas may submit the information requested below and in the attached form. External funding and a previous history of mentoring undergraduate research that has resulted in publications and presentations are most desirable.

In order to be considered as a mentor for this year’s application, we need two items:
  1. a completed mentor data sheet (attached)
  2. a 3-page CV prepared in Microsoft Word (as described below)

Your CV can be NO LONGER than three pages (12 pt font and 1” margins) and must include a detailed publication list since 2010. Undergraduate co-authors must be underlined in the publication list.

Please format the CV in the following order:
  • Name and Contact Information
  • Education
  • Professional Experience
  • Honors and Awards
  • Selected Publications (must include publications since 2010 and undergraduate co-authors should be underlined in the publication list.)
  • Current annualized level of external research project funding and average level of such support over the past five years. This information should match that in the Faculty Mentor Summary Data Sheet.
  • Number and names of undergraduate research students the faculty mentor has mentored to date. (If you mentored a previous Beckman Scholar, make a note of it)

Please send your 3-page CV and mentor data sheet to Rebecca Freeman at rfreem2@uab.edu by 5 p.m. on July 1st, 2014.

Questions about UAB's Beckman Scholars Program or competitive renewal should be addressed to:

Dr. Mike Sloane     or      Rebecca Freeman
sloane@uab.edu rfreem2@uab.edu
934-8733 934-3228

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