Session Descriptions

Backward Design for Blended and Online Lecture

This session applies the core principles of the understanding By Design framework to the development of effective class sessions. The focus is on identification of desired results, determination of acceptable evidence, and planning learning experiences.

What to Bring: Participants should bring a class lecture and related materials for analysis.

Syllabus Design for Blended and Online Courses

This session focuses on the structure, design, and content of a syllabus for online courses to optimize clarity, flow and information content.

What to Bring: Participants should bring a course syllabus for review and possible redesign.

Technology and Assessment

This session examines the nature and structure of technology-mediated assessments for in-class or online environments and explores authentic assessment in technology-mediated environments, use of rubrics, individual and group assessments, and application of specific LMS tools to assessment types.

What to Bring: Participants should bring a written formative assessment for review and possible redesign.

Classroom Facilitation using Technology

This session focuses on content design and creation to enhance student engagement in and out of the classroom, and explores such topics as reusable learning objects, technology-mediated synchronous activities, and flipping the classroom.

Instructor Presence in Blended and Online Environments

This session focuses on creating an environment that connects students to you and your course. You will examine the role of structure in establishing presence in online environments, learn techniques for facilitating online discourse, and how to extend technology tools to establish your presence in an online course.

What to Bring: Participants should bring a syllabus around which you can build a course contact regimen.

Extending Time-on-Task using Technology outside the Classroom

This session explores the use of Web 2.0 tools to increase student engagement beyond the classroom. You will review tools to extend student time-on-task and define their applicability to specific objective criteria.