Film: The Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America

Two showings of the film The Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America were held on campus this fall.  On both days, the 60-minute film was followed by a discussion led by Michele Forman, a documentry filmaker and program administrator at the Center for Urban Affairs.

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  • Problem-Solving
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  • Citizenship
    Graduates are aware of contemporary issues and prepared to engage responsibly in the community.

      The video "The Split Horn" is now available for check-out at ETS as Videocassette 4456 and the web address for the PBS Split Horn resource companion is

    The Split Horn is the sweeping story of a Hmong shaman and his family living in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Documenting the 17-year journey of )Paja Thao and his family from the mountains of Laos to the heartland of America, this poignant film shows a shaman's struggles to maintain his ancient traditions as his children embrace American culture.  For more about the film, the Thas family, and a preview of the movie, see the link below.

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