Approved QL Courses

QL Matrix

Course Applications

The following courses have been approved by the Quantitative Literacy Committee to be designated as QL courses:

 * Satisfies Core Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences  (Excluding the School of Education)
  AAS 320    African Identity and Personality 
 ANTH 285   Mapping Our World
 ANTH 481   Voyage in Anthropology
  ARS 101    Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design
* AST 101    Astronomy of the Universe
* AST 102    Astronomy of Stellar Systems
* AST 111    Astronomy of the Universe Laboratory 
* AST 112    Astronomy of Stellar Systems Laboratory 
* BY  102     Topics in Contemporary Biology Lab
* BY   123    Introductory Biology I  
* BY   124    Introductory Biology II  
  BY   245    Fundamentals of Scientific Investigation
  BY   409    Principles of Human Physiology
  BY   442    Experimental Phycology 
  BY   467    Population Ecology
* CH  105    Introductory Chemistry I
* CH  106    Introductory Chemistry I Laboratory
* CH  107    Introductory Chemistry II 
* CH  108    Introductory Chemistry II Laboratory
  CH  114    General Chemistry I Laboratory (Honors) 
* CH  115    General Chemistry I 
* CH 116     General Chemistry I Laboratory
* CH  117    General Chemistry II
* CH  118    General Chemistry II Laboratory
  CH  119    General Chemistry II Laboratory (Honors)
  CM 494     Communication Research Methods
  EH 404      Technical Writing 
* FR 101     Introductory French I
  HY 285      Mapping Our World
  HY 300      Historian's Craft
  JS  120     Descriptive Statistics 
* MA  105    Pre-Calculus Algebra
* MA  106    Pre-Calculus Trigonometry
* MA  107    Pre-Calculus Algebra/Trigonometry 
* MA  109     Survey of Calculus
* MA  110     Finite Mathematics
* MA 125      Calculus I
* MA 126      Calculus II
  MA 180      Introduction to Statistics 
* MA 252      Introduction to Differential Equations
  MA 361      Mathematical Modeling
  MA 418      Statistics for Teachers
  MA 440      Advanced Calculus I
  MA 441      Advanced Calculus
  MA 461      Modeling with PDE
  MA 486      Mathematical Statistics
  MC 494      Communication Research Methods 
  MU 115      Computer Music I 
* PH 201      College Physics I
* PH 221      General Physics I
   PH 351      Modern Physics I
   PH 351L    Modern Physics I Laboratory 
   PH 352      Modern Physics II
   PH 352L    Modern Physics II Laboratory
* PHL 120    Practical Reasoning 
   PHL  220   Introduction to Symbolic Logic
   PHL 321    Cooperation and Competition 
   PHL 490    Neuroeconomics
* PHS 101    Physical Science
* PSC 103   Introduction to International Relations
   PSC 403   International Relations Seminar
   PSC 411   Introduction to Research Methods
   PSC 412   Introduction to Statistical Analysis
   PSC 461   International Political Economy
   PY  214    Elementary Statistical Methods and Design
   PY  217    Laboratory for Elementary Statistics 
   PY  253    Brain, Mind, and Behavior
   PY  315    Psychological Research Methods
   PY  490    Psychology Capstone
* SPA 101    Introductory Spanish I
   SOC 400   Research Methods 
   SOC 410   Introduction to Social Statistics 
   SW  320    Introduction to Research Methods
   SW   321   Statistics for Social Work Research 
School of Business
  AC 200     Accounting Principles I
  EC 330     Cooperation and Competition 
  EC 490     Neuroeconomics
  FN 310     Fundamentals of Financial Management
  QM 214    Quantitative Analysis I
School of Education 
 EPR 410    Measurement and Evaluation in Early Childhood/Elementary Education
 EPR 411    Introduction to Measurement and Evaluation in Education
 HE  431     Planning & Evaluating Effective Health Education & Promotion Programs
 HE  432     Administration of Health & Fitness Programs
 PE 305      Motor Development
 PE 400      Physiology of Exercise
School of Engineering
  BME 498    Senior Design I 
  CE   210    Statics 
  CE   344    Engineering Analysis 
  EE    316    Electrical Networks
School of Health Professions
  AHS 360    Statistics for Healthcare Managers
  AHS 416    Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations
  HIM 425    Introduction to Epidemiology and Applied Statistics in Health Care Organizations 
  MT   455    Research Principles 
  NMT 441    Radiation Protection and Biology 
  RST 415    Directed Study in Respiratory Care II
School of Nursing
  NUR 374Q     Informatics and Research for Nursing Practice 
  NUR 381Q     Informatics and Research for Nursing Practice for RN's 

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