What we have learned so far

There were seven courses registered as pilot courses in the fall of 2006. All of them filled out the application to become a QL Designated Course and two of them provided data for assessment at the end. We learned the following from the applications, assessments, and comments of the faculty:


  • Seven pilot courses mapped to all but 2 of 43 learning outcomes. With more courses the coverage will add multiple views of the same outcomes.

  • Faculty think about quantitative content differently. The learning outcomes themselves and their incorporation of the learning verbs stimulate faculty to look at existing material in new ways.

  • Students adapt quickly. When informed about the purpose of QL and what they are responsible for, they take it as part of the normal learning process.

  • The QLCCs and learning outcomes are a work in progress. There may be too many, too few, some that are not worded optimally, or some that are not categorized properly. As a work in progress, they functioned as they should, however.

  • Course-embedded assessment is a challenge. Many of the Task Force members who participated in this process wanted exemplars of the best answers to the questions and felt challenged when they were assessing material with which they were not familiar.

  • Need valid and reliable external measure. The qualitative nature of course-embedded assessment is very useful, but a different perspective is required for more quantitative analyses. The MAPP is being used for that purpose.

  • The assessment process provided further evidence that the goal of the QEP to enhance students' QL Core Competencies is right on target.

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