List of grant recipients and awards

  • Erik Angner, Philosophy/ CAS, enhancing QL in PHL 322 Philosophical Issues in Behavioral Economics/EC 320 Behavioral Economics
  • Lisa Baker, Sociology & Social Work/ CAS, enhancing QL & ECR in SW 321 Statistics for Social Work Research
  • David Basilico, English/ CAS, developing new version of EH 496 Capstone Seminar
  • Holly Brasher, Government/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in PSC 320 Political Participation
  • Holly Brasher, Government/ CAS, enhancing Writing & QL in PSC 411 Introduction to Research Methods
  • Loretta Cormier and Sharyn Jones, History & Anthropology/ CAS, enhancing Writing, QL, & ECR in ANTH 481 Voyage in Anthropology: Launching your Professional Future
  • Retta Evans and Laura Talbott-Forbes, Human Studies/ Education/ CAS, enhancing Writing, QL, and ECR in HE 342 Introduction to Health Education; HE 343 Theories and Determinants of Health Behavior; HE 431 Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Health Promotion Programs; and HE 432 Administration of Health and Fitness Programs
  • Robert Fischer, Biology/ CAS, enhancing ECR in BY 409 Human Physiology, BY 429 Evolution, BY 398 & BY 498 Research/Honors Research
  • Michele Forman, Urban Affairs/ CAS, enhancing ECR in DSC 390 Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: REpresenting American Identity on Film
  • Michele Forman, History/ CAS and Michael Sloane, University Honors Program, service-learning partnership project with the Arrington Middle School
  • Charnetta Gadling-Cole, Sociology & Social Work/ CAS, integrating the BEST program into SW 205 Geriatric Services and Social Work
  • Elizabeth Gardner, Criminal Justice/ CAS, enhancing QL in JS 250 Criminalistics: An Overview
  • Kyle Grimes, English/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in EH 492 English Now! Capstone
  • Maria Hopkins, Psychology/ CAS, developing and piloting a blended version of PY 490 Psychology Capstone
  • Shannon Houser, Health Services Admin./ SHP, enhancing QL in HIM 425 Introduction to Epidemiology and Applied Statistices in Health Care Organizations
  • Norma-May Isakow, Service Learning/ APUP, enhancing ECR in all Service Learning courses
  • Andrew Keitt, History/ CAS, enhancing Writing, creating a pilot assessment community for the Department of History and Anthropology
  • Karen Kennedy, Deans Office / BUS, and Melinda Lalor, Deans Office/ ENGR, enhancing ECR in undergraduate courses in both schools
  • Sue Kim, English/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in EH 3XX (Service Learning class)
  • Jason Kirby, Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering/ Engineering, enhancing Writing & ECR in Labs CE 220, CE 222, CE 236, & CE 499 Senior Design
  • Mark LaGory, Sociology/ CAS, enhancing ECR through Intergroup Dialogues
  • Melinda Lalor, Deans Office/ Engineering, enhancing Writing in multiple courses and labs
  • Craig McClure and Aaron Lucius, Chemistry/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in CH 320 Chemistry in Culture & Ethics
  • Gregory Mumford, History & Anthropology/ CAS, enhancing ECR & Writing in ANTH 206 Intro to Egyptian Archaeology; ANTH 310/HY 316 Imperial & post-imp. Egpyt; ANTH 309/HY 315 Egypt in Age of Pyramids; ANTH 649/HY 651 Egyptian History/Archaeology
  • Lance Nail, Finance, Economics & Quantitative Methods/ BUS, enhancing QEP competencies in FN 495 Institutions and Investments Capstone
  • Sarah Parcak, History & Anthropology/ CAS, enhancing ECR & Writing in ANTH 434/ANTH 634 Observing the Earth from Space
  • Andreas and Stephanie Rauterkus, Accounting & Finance/ BUS, enhancing QL in FN 350 Equity Portfolio Mgmt. & FN 351 Bond Portfolio Mgmt.
  • Robert Robinson, Government / CAS, enhancing Writing & QL in PSC 330 The American Judicial Process
  • Robert Robinson, Government/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in PSC 431 American Constitutional Law II
  • David Schwebel, Psychology/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in PY 450 Psychology Capstone
  • Rose Scripa, Materials Science & Engineering/ ENGR, enhancing Writing in Engineering courses
  • David Shealy, Physics/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in PH 499 Physics Capstone
  • Melanie Shores, Human Studies/ Education/ CAS, enhancing Writing, QL, and ECR in EPR 410/EPR 510 Introduction to Measurement & Evaluation in Education; EPR 411/EPR 511 Measure and Evaluation in Secondary Schools
  • Daniel Siegel, English/ CAS, developing a new version of EH 496 Capstone Seminar
  • Donna Slovensky, Academic Affairs/ SHP, enhancing ECR in HRP 102 Experiencing the Health Professions
  • Chris Walker, History & Anthropology/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in SW 490 Practicum in Social Work and SW 494 Field Practicum Seminar Capstone
  • Stephen Yoder, Accounting & Information Systems/ BUS, enhancing ECR in LS 246 Legal Environment of Business
  • Stephen Yoder, Marketing, Industrial Distribution & Economics/ BUS, enhancing ECR in MBA 612/AC 612 Corporate Governance, MBA 634/BUS 450 Strategic Management, AC 413 Internal Auditing, and JS 440 White Collar & Corporate Crime
  • Nikolaos Zahariadis, Government/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in PSC 395 Political Power and Propaganda in Film
  • Nikolaos Zahariadis, Government/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in ITS 470/PSC 402 Seminar in International Studies Capstone
  • Nikolaos Zahariadis, Government/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in PSC 363 Nationalism in World Politics
  • Nikolaos Zahariadis, Government/ CAS, enhancing Writing and ECR in PSC 395 Special Topics: Food, Religion, and Violence in the Mediterranean
  • Lamia Zayzafoon, Foreign Languages/ CAS, enhancing Writing, QL, & ECR in ARA 399 Advanced Arabic I

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