Core Commitments Grants

Core Commitments grant monies and/or Core Commitments cost-share funded all or part of the following QEP grants. 

  • Michele Forman, Urban Affairs/ CAS, enhancing ECR in DCS 390 Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness: Representing American Identity on Film (cross listed as HY 390, HON 321, and ARS 402)
  • Kyle Grimes, English/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in EH 492 English Now! Capstone
  • Norma-May Isakow, Service Learning/ APUP, enhancing ECR in all Service Learning courses
  • Sue Kim, English/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in EH 3XX (Service Learning class)
  • Mark LaGory, Sociology/ CAS, enhancing ECR through intergroup Dialogues
  • Craig McClure and Aaron Lucius,Chemistry/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in CH 320 Chemistry in Culture & Ethics
  • David Schwebel, Psychology/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in PY 450 Psychology Capstone
  • David Shealy, Physics/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in PH 499 Physics Capstone
  • Donna Slovensky, Academic Affairs/ SHP, enhancing ECR in HRP 102 Experiencing the Health Professions
  • Chris Walker, Anthropology/ CAS, enhancing QEP competencies in SW 490 Practicum in Social Work and SW 494 Field Practicum Seminar Capstone
  • Nikolaos Zahariadis, Government/ CAS, enhancing Writing & ECR in PSC 395 Political Power and Propaganda in Film

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