Faculty Recruitment Request Extensions

Faculty Recruitment Requests are active for two years. Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Requests for a recruitment extension should be directed to the Faculty Affairs Office; or 934-0513.
  • Extensions will generally be granted in situations where there is an active search (in the applicant review and or interview stage) in progress; or, if negotiations are underway with a finalist candidate.
  • Otherwise, after the two-year time limit, a new requisition and advertisement must be submitted for approval in UAB PeopleAdmin.

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Phase I

Recruitment & Hiring

  • Receive approval from Dean to initiate faculty search.
  • Submit Faculty Recruitment Request in UAB PeopleAdmin.
  • Postion posted Faculty Jobs site and HEJ.
  • Place recruitment advertisement in journals, publications, media sources, etc. for minimum of 30 days.
  • Candidates apply to UAB PeopleAdmin
  • Faculty Search Committee will review, evaluate, and interview candidates.
  • Finalist candidate selection is made.
  • Hiring propsal is initiated in UAB PeopleAdmin; routed for approval.
  • Offer is extended to candidate.

Phase II


  • Obtain signed Offer Letter from candidate.
  • Complete Form I-9.
  • Complete Oracle ACT Document.
  • Complete UAB Faculty Data Form.
  • Obtain candidate's official transcript(s).
  • Initiate Background Check Process
  • Credentialing (if applicable)
  • Obtain/verify professional/board licensure (if applicable).

Phase III