Faculty Recruitment Resources

HigherEdJobs.com logoGraystone Group Recruitment Advertising Agency is a partner with UAB to provide additional faculty recruitment resources to assist UAB departments with advertisement pricing, development and placement at no additional cost to the department.

  • Graystone Group Recruitment Advertising bills only for the cost of the advertisement placement; no additional expenses are incurred by the department.
  • Graystone guidelines
  • To contact Graystone Groupads@graystoneadv.com or (203)549-0060; 1-800-544-0005, ext. 300; the UAB Representative is—Bob Sheftic – RGSheftic@graystoneadv.com


UAB currently has an agreement with HigherEdJobs.com to offer all academic departments an additional recruitment resource for faculty jobs postings. This service will augment current recruiting efforts by disseminating openings to one of higher education’s largest audiences. Effective February 16, 2015, HigherEdJobs.com powers the official UAB Faculty Jobs site. Additionally, faculty recruitment announcements on HigherEdJobs.com serves as one of the required national recruitment sources.

Today, HigherEdJobs is the leading source for jobs and career information in academia. During 2010, more than 4,250 colleges and universities posted over 79,330 faculty, administrative, and executive job postings to the company’s website. HigherEdJobs is now visited over 2.3 million times a month by 1,008,000 people (verified by Google Analytics).

See UAB's Profile for additional information and a tour of the site.

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