Faculty Recruitment: Initial Phase of the Process

Faculty Recruitment: Initial Phase of the Process

The following steps comprise the faculty recruitment process for UAB:

  1. In consultation with the dean, the department chair receives authorization to initiate the search process.  Departments must follow specific school, department, college procedures for securing approval to initiate a faculty search. Also, review the role of the Affirmative Action Officer.
  2. Department submits Faculty Recruitment Request, electronically via http://www.uab.edu/uabforms, along with the proposed ad copy to be approved at the department, dean, and provost levels;
  3. Approval confirmation is sent to the department requestor by email;
  4. Ad(s) are placed in specific journals, publications and other media;  Departments are encouraged to work with Graystone Recruitment Advertisement to fulfill this step;
  5. Vice Provost for Student & Faculty Success (Faculty Affairs) posts advertisement to the UAB Faculty Jobs site / HigherEdJobs.com;
  6. Confirmation of posting to the UAB Faculty Jobs site / HigherEdJobs.com is sent to requestor by email;
  7. Position will appear on the site within minutes;
  8. Hiring department places the faculty recruitment ad to specific media sources.
  9. Appropriate college and school policies, consistent with the UAB Faculty Handbook, should be implemented to review candidates.  Some schools have a standing committee for this purpose, while others appoint a search committee for each search. Using the appropriate College and School policies, the final candidate is selected.
  10. Position announcement (advertisement) remains posted (active) until which time a final candidate has been selected; or the search is cancelled.

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Faculty Recruitment

The Faculty Recruitment and Advertisement Guide aims to help departments effectively manage and organize faculty recruitment activities and advertisements to ensure that all required procedures and policies are adhered to throughout the faculty recruitment, selection, and hiring/appointment process.


  • Pre-Hire ONE Card Form
    Allows new faculty to obtain their BlazerID and ONE Card (ID badge/access card) on or prior to their first day of employment.
  • Early Access for IRAP and LMS
    Outlines the process to allow departments and divisions to sponsor incoming faculty access to IRAP and the LMS before their ORACLE appointments are active.
  • New Faculty Hire Background Check
    A pre-employment background investigation is performed on individuals in the final stages of recruitment to UAB.