Faculty Appointment Letter Templates

The Office of the Provost announces the implementation of Faculty Appointment Letter Templates—first phase. The Faculty Appointment Templates will allow the university to follow standard guidelines and practices for creating faculty appointment/hire letters across all academic units within the College and Schools.

The Faculty Appointment Templates consists of three parts: Offer Letter, Attachment A—General Terms and Conditions of Faculty Appointment, and Attachment B – Specific Terms and Conditions of Faculty Appointment. Attachment A contains general content that is applicable to all faculty hires; Attachment B contains language and content that is specific and unique to each faculty appointment. For Attachment B, please include only the information and details that are relevant to the specific faculty hire in your unit.

For initial hires use the following templates:

The faculty appointment/offer letter should be submitted along with all other materials required for Phase One of the Faculty Recruitment and Employment process.

For all other faculty hires, please continue to produce offer/appointment letters using the same methods that your department currently utilizes. If you have any questions about how to use the faculty appointment letter templates, please contact the Faculty Affairs Office at 205-934-0513.

Note: Additional faculty and credentialed credit course instructor appointment letter templates will be released over the next few weeks.