The Center for Teaching and Learning announces its new certificate program, complete with points, badges, banners, ranks, and leaderboards.
One of the most innovative and exciting approaches to assessment and motivation is to apply the psychology of game play to educational settings. In that vein, the Center for Teaching and Learning announces its new certificate program, complete with points, badges, banners, ranks, and leaderboards.

How it works:

To receive a CTL Teaching Certificate simply earn 100,000 points, including at least 70,000 Gold Points and 20,000 Green Points. The remaining 10,000 points may be either Gold or Green.

Gold Points
Gold Points are awarded for attending CTL workshops.
  • One CTL workshop = 10,000 Gold Points
  • Workshops are presented by UAB Center for Teaching and Learning faculty or invited guests. Most workshops are presented at the CTL (EB Suite 240), or the UAB Learning Recourse Center (LRC 210-A), but some are also presented by invitation to individual schools, departments and other groups.

Green Points
Green Points are awarded for proof of Teaching Artifacts, Activities and Bonuses.
  • One Teaching Artifact/Activity/Bonus = 5,000 Green Points
  • Teaching Artifacts are documents, small projects, or other products created as a result of learning acquired through a CTL workshop. Examples include a course map or syllabus created using backwards design, a test or quiz created containing “good” test questions, a recorded lecture prepared for a flipped classroom, a Team Based Learning application exercise, and so forth.
  • Green points may also be earned for Activities completed in effort to improve one’s teaching. Examples include consulting with a CTL faculty member or teaching fellow, sharing a Teaching Artifact with another teacher, observing another teacher’s classroom, tutoring another teacher as they create a Teaching Artifact, and so forth.
  • bonusBonus Points are awarded for various special accomplishments in the CTL Certificate Program. Examples include visiting the CTL or the LRC for the first time, inviting a CTL faculty member to speak to your school or department, attending all of the workshops in a series (Executive Series or Teaching Innovation Series), receiving the President’s Award for Teaching Excellence, applying for a CTL Teaching Innovation Grant, and so forth.

Points for attending CTL events will be logged and recorded by the CTL. Artifacts, activities and bonuses can be submitted for credit to CTL faculty and personnel. Points, badges, and banners will be tracked on the CTL Certification Leaderboard.

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Each CTL workshop and all artifacts, activities and bonuses will be labeled with at least one Badge. Badges indicate that the activity is related to a specific teaching area or skill. After you earn seven badges in a specific Badge area, you are awarded a Banner in that area.


Badge and Banner Areas include:
Effective Teacher, Teaching Innovation, Teaching with Technology, Teaching with Canvas, Teaching using Team Based Learning, Mentoring Others in Teaching, Research in Teaching, QEP

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