A summary of the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee meeting from January 15.
The Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee met on Friday January 15th. On the agenda was the discussion of the draft-Effort Reporting Policy that was drafted in response to Uniform Guidance requirements.

The Committee also discussed the recent report of the Federal Demonstration Project (NAS) relative to compliance on certification of time charged to federal grants that makes a cogent case for the use of a Payroll (Project) Certification method to meet the requirements of Uniformed Guidance relative to accounting for federally funded salaries.

The committee concluded that a change to Project Certification would decrease faculty and senior staff resources that are now expended on meeting the requirements via Effort Reporting and would be much easier for UAB faculty to understand.

The FPPC sent a letter to Provost Linda Lucas requesting that she consider setting up a task force to consider the potential benefits of UAB setting up a Project Certification type accounting program.

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