The FACULTY HIRING PROPOSAL should be submitted through UAB PeopleAdmin for review and approval by the Department Chair, Equity Advisor (formerly the Affirmative Action Officer), Dean, Faculty Affairs, Senior Vice Provost and, the Provost and President as applicable. The department will receive notification through UAB PeopleAdmin (system-generated email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., when the proposal has been approved.

The HIRING PROPSAL requires the following documentation and action in UAB PeopleAdmin (UAB Faculty Jobs).

  1. Select the candidate(s) to whom the offer will be made.
  2. Move the candidate to the “Recommend for Hire” status;
  3. Select Start Hiring Proposal;
  4. Fill all required fields as noted in the Hiring Proposal Form;
  5. Upload the letter of offer, copies of the advertisement(s), EEO report, and any other documentation that is needed for the hiring proposal to UAB PeopleAdmin (Appointment/Tenure Action Summary Form, Exception to Salary Range Form if applicable, see below).
  6. The submitter (Search Chair/Hiring Manager) should contact the Equity Advisor (formerly the Affirmative Action Officer) to inform them that a candidate has been identified; and that they are ready to begin the “offer” or “hiring proposal” process.
  7. If the appointment is Professor, with or without tenure, or to Associate Professor with tenure an Appointment Action Summary Form is required and must be uploaded as part of the hiring proposal.
  8. After all documentation has been uploaded, the submitter will select TAKE ACTION on the hiring proposal, and submit the hiring proposal to the Department Reviewer (department chair or designee) for review and approval.
    Note: Some departments will require that the document be approved by the Financial Reviewer. Please confirm if this step applies to your department.
  9. The Department Reviewer (department chair or designee) reviews the hiring proposal and moves it to the Equity Advisor (formerly the AAO) for review and approval.
  10. The Equity Advisor reviews the Hiring Proposal; moves it to the Dean’s Office if no edits or changes are needed.
  11. After all approvals are complete (Equity Advisor, Dean’s Office, Faculty Affairs, Provost’s Office, and President as applicable); the Search Chair/Hiring Manager receives an approval confirmation by email (email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) stating Extend Offer. Please proceed with extending offer to the candidate.
  12. If the candidate accepts the offer and returns the signed Letter of Offer; the hiring manager can move the Hiring Proposal to Offer Accepted status and complete the Phase II or Appointment Phase outside of UAB PeopleAdmin system (ACT document, Faculty Data Form, I-9, etc.).
  13. Disposition the remaining candidates after the Hiring Proposal is complete and the offer has been accepted.

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