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Faculty Senate adopts resolution encouraging public support of NEA, NEH

Recognizing the importance of the arts and humanities to UAB, the Faculty Senate urges continued support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

New Faculty Senate members elected

Orientation for new Faculty Senate members will occur in late August. The changes in membership will occur on September 1.

Faculty Fellows in Engaged Scholarship accepting applications

A year-long series of workshops is structured to help faculty design a new course or to modify an existing course to include a service-learning component.

General Guidelines – University Requirements for Faculty Recruitment Advertisements

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) requires the following:

  1. Faculty recruitment advertisements must be placed for a minimum of 30 days.
  2. Two national publications, including electronic sources; or one publication two times. Faculty recruitment advertisements must be placed in national publications with broad circulation to allow for a diverse candidate pool. Electronic postings, Web postings and listserv media are acceptable placement sources. 
    • Please refer to your college, schools or UAB Libraries guidelines for more specific requirements for placement of faculty recruitment advertisements.
  3. Effort should always be made to reach a national and diverse pool of candidates. These efforts may include direct contact with various doctoral programs, conferences, professional associations, as well as other recruitment outreach opportunities.
  4. Equity Advisors (formerly Affirmative Action Officers) must approve ALL Faculty Recruitment Requests.
  5. All faculty hires for (01) Full-time regular and (03) part-time regular positions must be selected using the university’s recruitment process. A school/unit may choose to recruit for (02) full-time temporary hires, but this is not a requirement.
    • The recruitment process begins with the submission of a FACULTY RECRUITMENT REQUEST at uab.edu/faculty/jobs to login to UAB PeopleAdmin.
    • Policy 2.12 – Initial Appointments of Faculty states the following: the process to make a new appointment is initiated by the department chair upon completion of recruitment and selection in accordance with all approved department, school, library and UAB policies and procedures. Upon recommendation of the department chair and approval by the appropriate dean and the Provost, an offer of appointment may be made by the chair.  This offer shall be contingent on final approval by the President.
  6. To ensure that all faculty postings are up-to-date and appropriately displayed on UAB Faculty Jobs Portal and HigherEdJobs.com; it is imperative that the responsible person in your unit review the jobs posted and notify Faculty Affairs immediately if there are discrepancies or if a posting should be removed from these sites.
  7. Search Committees
    Please follow this link for Faculty Search Committee Guidelines, and additional faculty search committee resources including the description of the role of the Equity Advisors (formerly Affirmative Action Officers).
  8. UAB Faculty Handbook Policy 2.12 Initial Appointments of Faculty states: For all full-time regular tenured or full-time regular tenure-earning positions, recruitment at the national level is required. For all full-time or part-time regular non-tenure-earning positions, recruitment at the national level is required unless otherwise justified and approved by the dean and Provost. All appointments must be made in accordance with UAB hiring practices and government regulations, and following acceptance by the candidate of the initial offer of appointment must be approved by the President.


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