Faculty Activities Committee


The Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success and Vice President of Information Technology established a Faculty Activities Committee that provides direction for the implementation of Faculty Profiles and maintains communications with faculty members in their respective schools/college/libraries.  The Faculty Activities Committee began meeting in February 2014 and meets monthly at which time the Executive Team updates them on the progress of the implementation and solicits input.

Meeting Notes


UAB Faculty Activities Committee
Member Unit Title
Suzanne Austin, PhD UAB Administration Senior Vice Provost
Kenneth A Banasiewicz* Engineering Research Engineer
Lary Cowart* Business Assistant Dean for Accreditation
Curtis A Carver, Jr, PhD Information Technology Chief Information Officer; VP IT
David Chaplin, MD, PhD* Medicine and Joint Health Sciences Professor
Jon Corliss Business Intelligence Director
Joe Fleming, OD* Optometry Associate Professor
Robert Garrie, MPA* Health Professions Associate Professor
Maria Geisinger, DDS* Dentistry Assistant Professor
Lauretta Gerrity, DVM* Research Sr Associate VP Research Administration
Jeffrey D. Graveline, JD* The UAB Libraries Business & Government Documents Librarian
Ashley Hodges, PhD* Nursing Assistant Professor
Divya Kondepudi Business Intelligence Functional Systems Analyst
Roy Koomullil, PhD Engineering Associate Professor
Gerald McGwin, PhD Public Health Professor
Lee G Moradi Mechanical Engineering Professor
T. Scott Plutchak Lister Hill Library Associate Professor
Kenneth D Pruitt Information Technology Associate Director IT
Midge N. Ray, PhD* Health Professions Associate Professor
Jeffrey Reynolds, DMA* Arts and Science Associate Professor
Chad Steele, PhD* Medicine Professor
Lawrence Tyson, PhD* Education Associate Professor
Mary Warren, PhD* Health Professions Associate Professor
Mary Ellen Zvanut, PhD Arts and Science (Physics) Professor