Research Resources

UAB Faculty – Research Resources Guidebook

PDF guide covering research for all areas of the University

Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development (OVPRED)

Leadership for all administrative research units serving the research enterprise at UAB. OVPRED oversees Core Facilities, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and Institutional Review Board.

Integrated Research Administration Portal (IRAP)

Electronic submission of funding applications and compliance forms for future research initiatives.

Research Data Management

UAB investigators will be required to submit data management plans (DMPs) with grant proposals and insure that copies of publications and the associated data are deposited as required by the granting agency.

UAB Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The nexus for UAB innovation, entrepreneurial educational models, applied research, and management of intellectual property.

Funding Sources and Grant Opportunities

Presentations and general information related to effective grant writing.

Office of Postdoctoral Education

UAB is committed to the development and success of outstanding postdoctoral scientists.

Conflict of Interest Review Board (CIRB)

Charged with the ongoing development of policies and procedures related to conflicts of interest in sponsored research, review of disclosures of financial interests submitted by investigators, and the development of conflict of interest management plans.

Research News

UAB researchers discover why brain neurons in Parkinson’s disease stop benefiting from levodopa
UAB researchers discover why brain neurons in Parkinson’s disease stop benefiting from levodopa
The mechanism of widespread reorganization of DNA methylation may be a therapeutic target to prevent or reverse dyskinesia.
Precision medicine clinical trial available for cancer patients at UAB
Precision medicine clinical trial available for cancer patients at UAB
UAB now offers the largest cancer precision medicine clinical trial, NCI-MATCH, with customized treatments for patients based on genetics.
UAB optometrist improves treatment and care for patients with dry eye
UAB optometrist improves treatment and care for patients with dry eye
Individuals with dry eye have hope as researchers continue to learn more about causes, symptoms and treatments.
Technology improves clinical trial management and patient experience
Technology improves clinical trial management and patient experience
UAB has implemented a new application suite to improve clinical trial management, and enhance communication among trial sites and with study participants.
Discovery may lead to a treatment to slow Parkinson’s disease
Discovery may lead to a treatment to slow Parkinson’s disease
Researchers have found that an interaction between a mutant gene and alpha synuclein in neurons leads to hallmark pathologies seen in Parkinson’s disease, findings that may lead to new mechanisms and targets for neuroprotection.

President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

The formal honoring of faculty for teaching accomplishments with the President's Award was begun by former UAB President Charles A. McCallum in 1990.


The President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes full-time regular faculty members of The University of Alabama at Birmingham who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in teaching. A recipient is chosen from the College of Arts and Sciences and each of the schools and the Joint Health Sciences.


Each faculty member so honored receives a cash award and a crystal apple with an engraved base that stands as a symbol of his or her achievement.


Eligibility is limited to full-time regular faculty members of The University of Alabama at Birmingham and its affiliated hospitals that hold a primary faculty appointment in College of Arts and Science or one of the eight schools or the Joint Health Sciences. The individual must have held faculty status at UAB for a minimum of three years and may receive the award only once in any three-year period.

Criteria for Selection

The awards shall be based solely on outstanding accomplishments in teaching as demonstrated by any or all of the following:

  • Broad, thorough knowledge of the subject area and the ability to effectively convey difficult concepts to students
  • Exemplary classroom instruction as evidenced by student and peer evaluations
  • Fairness, open-mindedness, and accessibility to students in and out of the classroom setting
  • An objective, analytical approach to information; clear portrayal of conceptual interrelationships; and intellectually stimulating classroom presentations
  • Ability to inspire and mentor students through research activities, special projects, and publication of their work
  • Effective use of innovative teaching methods and assurance that his/her courses stay abreast of current theory and technology
  • Promotion of ethical and professional values and behavior among students
  • Ability to infuse students with a commitment to life-long learning and professional development
  • Service and scholarly activities that provide excellent role models for students

Procedure for Nomination

Any member of the student body, faculty, or alumni may make a nomination by completing and submitting, by the announced deadline, a nomination package consisting of:
  1. a nomination form
  2. an abbreviated biographical sketch of the nominee, limited to three pages
  3. a maximum of three letters of support
The nomination must clearly demonstrate that the nominee meets the selection criteria and eligibility requirements.

School Selection Committee

Composition: The dean of each school will appoint a selection committee. The members of the committee shall be full-time regular faculty members, with as many past recipients of the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, as possible, being selected for membership on the committee. If appropriate, the current president of the school’s student honor society or association shall be a member of the committee. The committee appointments shall be for three years, and members should hold staggered terms on the committee.

Responsibilities: The chairperson of the committee shall assume the responsibility of insuring that nominations are solicited from students, faculty, and alumni. After nominations are received, the committee shall meet to determine the most competitive finalists, based on the strength and quality (not quantity) of the nominations received. The committee chair will request, from the selected finalists, further supporting documentation that reflects the faculty member’s outstanding accomplishments in teaching during the most recent academic years, with emphasis primarily on the prior academic year. The committee should also consult with the dean and/or department chairs in the school relative to the finalists. After full review of the documentation for each finalist, the committee shall make their final selection and submit it to the dean who will forward the school’s recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching to the Office of the Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success. (Attn: Linda Piteo AB 374D)The President of UAB will make the official announcement of the eleven (11) recipients of the President’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching.

All deliberations of and information provided to the committee shall be considered confidential and not shared with anyone outside of the committee. All communications with faculty or administrators concerning the nominees shall be made by the chair of the committee or his/her designee.