Research Resources

Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development (OVPRED)

Leadership for all administrative research units serving the research enterprise at UAB. OVPRED oversees Core Facilities, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and Institutional Review Board.

Integrated Research Administration Portal (IRAP)

Electronic submission of funding applications and compliance forms for future research initiatives.

Research Data Management

UAB investigators will be required to submit data management plans (DMPs) with grant proposals and insure that copies of publications and the associated data are deposited as required by the granting agency.

Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The nexus for UAB innovation, entrepreneurial educational models, applied research, and management of intellectual property.

Funding Sources and Grant Opportunities

Presentations and general information related to effective grant writing.

Office of Postdoctoral Education

UAB is committed to the development and success of outstanding postdoctoral scientists.

Conflict of Interest Review Board (CIRB)

Charged with the ongoing development of policies and procedures related to conflicts of interest in sponsored research, review of disclosures of financial interests submitted by investigators, and the development of conflict of interest management plans.


The online Pre-hire form can be used to add new faculty data to the UAB ONE Card Clearinghouse. This process will allow new faculty to obtain their BlazerID and ONE Card (ID badge/access card) on or prior to their first day of employment.

How to Access the Form:

  1. Access the ONE Card Pre-hire Form (use your BlazerID credentials to login).
  2. Enter the new faculty’s information as requested on the form, and save the form.
  3. To view or edit a previously entered record, enter a value (e.g, last name, first name) and click “Search” at the bottom of the form.
  4. Enter the correct information and click “Save This Entry.”
  5. If you need to clear the data entered into the form, click “Clear This Form.”
  6. Log out by clicking the “logout” button at the bottom of the form.


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