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UAB Faculty – Research Resources Guidebook

PDF guide covering research for all areas of the University

Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development (OVPRED)

Leadership for all administrative research units serving the research enterprise at UAB. OVPRED oversees Core Facilities, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and Institutional Review Board.

Integrated Research Administration Portal (IRAP)

Electronic submission of funding applications and compliance forms for future research initiatives.

Research Data Management

UAB investigators will be required to submit data management plans (DMPs) with grant proposals and insure that copies of publications and the associated data are deposited as required by the granting agency.

Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The nexus for UAB innovation, entrepreneurial educational models, applied research, and management of intellectual property.

Funding Sources and Grant Opportunities

Presentations and general information related to effective grant writing.

Office of Postdoctoral Education

UAB is committed to the development and success of outstanding postdoctoral scientists.

Conflict of Interest Review Board (CIRB)

Charged with the ongoing development of policies and procedures related to conflicts of interest in sponsored research, review of disclosures of financial interests submitted by investigators, and the development of conflict of interest management plans.


Established by the Senior Vice Provost and the Vice-President for Information Technology, the Research Data Management Working Group is charged with developing recommendations for support services that can be provided by various UAB entities to assist researchers in complying with Data Management requirements of funders and publishers.  The process is designed to be driven by investigator needs and will include significant outreach to, and involvement with, the UAB Research Community.


  • April, 2016 – Launch website
  • April/May, 2016 – Survey of faculty investigators
  • May/June, 2016 – Interviews with select faculty investigators
  • May, 2016 (and ongoing) – Campus outreach
  • June/July, 2016 – Development of recommendations

Timeline Details

Survey of faculty investigators: In order to obtain a rough snapshot of current data management needs/issues, a short survey will be sent to all currently funded investigators. The survey asks for basic information about how they are currently managing their research data and invites interested investigators to participate in an in person interview to gather more detailed information.

Interviews with select faculty investigators: Investigators who volunteer will be asked to participate in a 30-60 minutes interview addressing challenges they face in managing their research data and complying with current and anticipated funder requirements. These interviews will serve as the basis for a series of use cases that will guide the further work and recommendations of the working group.

Campus outreach: In order to involve as diverse a group of investigators across campus as possible, outreach will include brief presentations to department meetings and various groups (e.g., Center Directors and/or Adminstrators)

Development of Recommendations: The group's recommendations will identify the priority needs for support and the university units (OVPRED, Libraries, IT, etc.) best suited to address them. They will also identify additional resources that may be needed. The recommendations will go to Curt Carver, VP/IT, who has agreed to review and provide feedback and guidance to the working group for next steps.

Working Group Members

T. Scott Plutchak (co-chair) Director of Digital Data Curation Strategies
David Yother (co-chair) Asst. Vice President, Technology Services, UAB IT
Kent Keyser Asst. Vice President for Research, OVPRED
Joseph Roberson Associate University Compliance Officer
Elliot Lefkowitz Director of Informatics, Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Lauretta Gerrity Senior Associate VP - Research Administration, OVPRED
Tim Parker Associate Director - Federal Area, Office of Sponsored Programs
Lee Vucovich Chair of Reference Services & Liaison to Graduate Biological Sciences, the CCTS, and the Joint Health Sciences Departments, UAB Libraries
Jeff Graveline Assistant to the Dean for Scholarly Communications and Copyright Compliance, UAB Libraries
Andrew Keitt Associate Professor, Director of the Graduate Program, UAB Department of History


Data Management Snafus

Why is good data management so important?  This short video, prepared by librarians at the NYU Medical Center, takes a humorous, albeit serious, look at the problems.

Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts

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