effectivenessThe Center for Teaching and Learning team, QEP Faculty Fellows, and invited facilitators lead workshops in the Teaching Effectiveness Series. Participation in each workshop earns attendees 10,000 Gold points and a Teaching Effectiveness Series Badge. Additionally, homework will be assigned in each workshop that can be completed for 5,000 Green points. Click here for more information on CTL points, badges, and teaching certification. Dates for this series are listed below. Workshops are held at the CTL’s innovative classroom, EB 243, unless otherwise noted. Teaching Effectiveness Workshops can also be requested for your school or department. Contact the CTL for details.

Register for June CTL Events

  • June

"Teaching Millennials" – Scott Phillips

  • Wednesday, June 7, 2017; 8:30-11:30 AM, CTL 243 (breakfast and snacks included)

"How to Create Your Syllabus" – Scott Phillips

  • Friday, June 23, 2017; 8:30-11:30 AM, CTL 243 (breakfast and snacks included)

"Guide to the IDEA Survey" – Brian C. Moon

  • Wednesday, June 28, 2017; 8:30-11:30 AM, CTL 243 (breakfast and snacks included)

Workshop Topics Offered to Schools and Departments Upon Request

  • Active Learning in the College Classroom
  • Affordable Instructional Materials
  • Creating a Teaching Portfolio
  • Creating Good Course Learning Objectives
  • Elements of Engaging Presentations
  • Faculty Guide to the IDEA Survey
  • GoToTraining in Your Classes
  • How to Maximize the First Day of Class
  • How to Record Your Lectures
  • Mobile Apps for Teaching
  • Motivating to Learn
  • Organizing a Course using Backwards Design
  • Teaching Millennials
  • The Scholarship of Teaching
  • Using Affordable Instructional Materials in Your Classroom
  • Writing Good Test Questions II: Item Analysis

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